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Gunnar fell asleep on me. Day. And it was the best thing. Full life started having to p and for one hour with Gunnar on top of me. I really thought I was doctor because I was about bad thing. I even have said. Actress. You know? I know we could have got another Leyla one. But it is what it is. So. Three years. I'm fine. Once you started sleeping. I know you'll be able to handle too. But until then we are we're on thin ice that is breaking daily. So. When you look at me, and you save feels like my eyes bed punched in this morning. Why definitely don't think? Oh, you know, make that easier on your eyeballs is another baby in your belly. Play on the first time. I tried doing it from the second night and stuff in there for the first time. I now then get him in there. And every every single out so. I'm ready to move forward. Does not been. Asleep professional. Crying himself to sleep in my art now since I'm not breastfeeding sleep anyways. Rocking bursary throws me off. And so I feel like he so like say doing my best and I'm trying to comfort does that. Which is made me comfortable and the next second. Policy are with me there. So I am I. How? Wasn't today. The first day that he slept in the crib. They're going through this. What's this? Is this your shell oak? Thank God for jujitsu Matt's. Anybody anybody that has a baby I'll recommend news dollar merger just to Matt's. There long thick and I cannot actually comprehend if we didn't have these mats on floor and watching him like fall on carpet or wood floors. It's better than that. Yeah. Right. This is way thicker than a carpet. Honey. I know you don't like what it looks like. But I think that herp it is. But when I walked here, it's not about cozy. This is designed to like fall your neck on them. Yeah. Back to what I was saying definitely used you Matt's. What more? More design, which is this is what? Yeah. Yes answers. Definitely. No, no, no. He is not just the king of partying. No, I'm not filming tonight. The we're supposed to. Yeah. But then I told you I was going to go, and you looked at me like what? Yeah. You didn't look at me. It was on the phone. So. Got to hope this is actually recording. Because I love it. How that you be are fever. Sweep wait eight years later is the best thing ever on. It takes me. She's like, well, you her opinion between two or three years baby. And she said Serena and Venus Williams world, fifteen minutes per my co close they were mic came professional athletes because they were so close in age, and I thought oh, yeah. Being closer nation can be like seventy and beaten us. I'm all for it. I just would like you to sleep. I just I don't want you to die and you keep saying you don't want to die. So if that's even in the air. No. Gunner's doctor was very concerned for your health shoes. I e you oh word on the street. Also, multiple mothers have come up to Heidi. And said that shot up our gunners. Doctor has said that Heidi is the best mother of all of her patients that she deals on. I know that's private. Like, the conventional mother. Tick, I really wanted to wait for years. I've been pray bought about it. It's never been sleeping a little bit. You're ready whenever you sleep. I back that. Tomorrow. Well, all I know is I'm not concerned about having another son because or daughter or an alien whatever comes out of IT. Whatever I'm totally chill because I know that we're going to be safe because we have blink home security, and guess what? There's a fricking savings alert. For a limited time you can save up to thirty three percent on their affordable. HD video wireless camera system and specifically for black Friday weekend. All blink indoor outdoor cameras are on sale save. Yes, honey..

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