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This week and it excludes the H. for next week that means all that needs to happen is for cliff Nicole and cat to be in like the top half getters because if two people are eliminated then that means the third place fourth place and fifth place people might be the people sent on the field trip and so so you need to be voting for more than just three people because again like people that are going to be getting votes those big names cliff Nicole Cat Hat Jack Jackson Christie those are probably going to be the top six and if Jackson is gone and Jack Is H. O. H. or whatever ver- then all of a sudden you're seeing Kristie cliff and Nicole sent into the field trip so you should be voting for every single one of the you should be wearing Jack. Tommy Christie SIS even even Jackson. Maybe like all all people except for the people you don't want to be sent in to get as many votes as possible to avoid to to try to combat as much of the cliff Nicole and jess as possible that would be my advice yet. No this is very complex for the general viewer because also a knock could be wrong but I'm pretty sure like I I got it down. They voted into a competition the three right the three do a competition to determine who's for a second third or was. It just votes on who I it's. It's it's a competition yeah exactly so if you're just looking at this and it's a field trip who wouldn't want to be in a field trip vibes and you see safety. You're like okay top vote-getter get safety. I'm a pilot all on Nicole is I love to call. I wanted to call to get safety. No they compete for what's going to be there. I feel like there wasn't enough time to explain it. I feel view Lake that we have eight days to do this. I feel like it's one of those things where we've seen this happen. Remember with bb can when they had that one episode where Ryan and got this God edit and then Ryan got veto from the audience like whoever gets the exposure this upcoming week is important because they're going to be up front and center her. That's not great. I feel like this could go wrong horrendously so again. All you gotta do people you like. Ignore them for this people. You don't like as much as you don't WanNa Cook on their faces because they bother you. Click Click and vote for them because that's all you can really do and then just kind of sit on a prayer and see what <unk> happened than everyone else voted for come the reveal yeah and I was asked like why why are we not just stacking all of our votes on the same couple of people and that's that's what I explained where like if you give all of your votes in all of the votes go to the top two or three people in one of those people get evicted this week and one of them is h H._r.. Wage then all of a sudden all of those votes are for not and you are now looking at the next few in that in that order. Somebody pointed out that the big brother Big Brother daily poll currently has the top five. It's the top six as Jackson Jack Jack Christie Tommy and then Nicole is sixth so that's dangerous and these are people who I think are a lot more likely to be savvy with the voting mm-hmm and that's the that's already having Nicole in sixth place with only three point eight percent of the vote but with twenty five percent of the vote each going to Jackson and Jack Jackson or if Jack goes home and Jackson Wins H. O. H. Then all of a sudden you're looking at these people who are down at fifteen the seven six percent. Maybe even three percent so that's what you have to worry about. That's why you need to you know. Spread it out a little more yeah yeah so there's going to be a lot to read. I feel like into what happens because again. General audience is a bigger audience than US folk the Internet folk so seeing what kind of edits we're gonNA get seeing what kind of exposure there's going to be.

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