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And we've flying. Out of sportscenter, and you're sort of measuring like what's the top of the show is that Brady and Bella check. Or is it Porzingis and Anthony Davis and the combination of Anthony Davis and having the Lakers involved? That's like news on steroids. But even like, the Blake Griffin trade was a big deal and it came out of nowhere. And it's prize everybody, but it was over. And then you talked about the aftermath. The Davis thing may be with us for a while. And so it's like, you know, like trademark it is a sport unto itself. People forget the games around some nights into saving graces that. The trade deadline is not after the all-star borough that we wouldn't have three more weeks of this that we actually get we'll we'll have some closure, and then we'll worry about who's going to get out and go from there. But in in lead into we'll talk down and wrote about it will lead into a fascinating summer of big name free agents out there. Probably one of the better classes that we will see in the big big markets in New York, and Brooklyn and LA. Chicago. I mean, we have a show for ten cents, which is our Chinese partner. And I do this kind of by monthly show now for them in one of the things sometimes I'd like to hear stories and they're asking me for my all star game memories. And I don't have him because most all weekends there prior to the trade that line, and I'm thinking what about that? I a all star game. And I'm like also weekend. I'm going all I remember is it was a prelude to the Carmelo Anthony trade, and I really just remember being in my room on the phone and all those also weakens our prior to the trade deadline like I'm like, I don't have all star memories. I just remember being on my phone somewhere. But now it is better. It's post deadline. You got the buyout stuff? But it's not quite as intense. You can actually walk outside for a few minutes. See the sun, and we could probably think that the Marcus cousin straight from a couple years ago on why the NBA changed rule when cousin basic needed. So that was an easier. I was home. I remember, bro. That I didn't go to that game. I was home which made it easier to remember work on that. Oh, you know what I was there? I was flying home. I remember I start reporting on a plan. Remember, I was struggling to get wifi. So that's how I remember. These all star weekends is the moment. Right. That I have wifi or not well, probably mine is that we probably chain Jason Kidd weight during all star weekend. And, you know, not in basically green to deal on Thursday and. I think the all star game was Norrland's that year to and not be able to get a dumb because Devon George win. Wave is no trade and having having I think we had an internship outside his house with paperwork, and he wouldn't because he would have lost bird rights there and Jerry Stackhouse coming out and basically saying that well when I got bought out I'm gonna go right back because you all that whole deal away. I remember being in Rod's office when I came out and said, yeah, wanna get bought I'm gonna just go back to Dallas. And you couldn't you could do that back then. And basically the league said none. You gotta take him out. We could take Devon George out. And then wind up being Keith Van horn on the bike. Yeah. Then sign and trade Keith Van horn would have been retired for three years and they had to change that rule because yes, we game eight million dollars. He sat with a master at circumventing circa venting rules, and certainly breaking the spirit of the rules. Well, it wasn't a rule. So nothing illegal write. Eventually it went into the league Lee NBA legals, no pad. They keep for the next CBA. And that rule was changed eventually, Bobby. We'll we'll see plenty of each other here the next few days, but it's gonna be fun. Always sounds good. Thanks for listening to this episode of the worst part of big..

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