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News on the news. This is the third line news. Well One guy that is definitely on Jimmy. Garoppolo side is George kittle. He's made it clear. He's standing by his quarterback. He posted a picture on Instagram. With the two of them celebrating with the caption. Let's run it back ten now normally. This would probably be a nice picture that you know just content on your page but considering that there are all these rumors about Shanahan not truly believing in Jimmy Garoppolo and a ceiling and obviously Tom Brady rumors swirling around. It seems like it's pretty targeted timing. Suppose the picture like this with the support of Jimmy Garoppolo I I think this is all little bit exaggerated. It's kind of the. It is fine the worst. It's wonderful it's it's I mean this is. This is unlike anything we've probably ever seen in the history of the NFL. The amounts of quarterbacks that could possibly be moving around quality quarterback at that. I mean we the statement in the NFL is always good. Quarterback never come on the market not anymore not great quarterbacks. Obviously there are a lot good options out there and Cam Newton. Tom Brady could be on the market Teddy Bridgewater and Garoppolo anger garoppolos going anywhere. And I do think that this is all. This is a little exaggerated. He missed a big throw in the Super Bowl. How'd he made that throw one not having this conversation? But that's how it goes. You GotTa Win the Games. That's how it goes. I do think it's a little exaggerated though. 'cause WE KINDA the same thing with jared. Goff like after they lost the Super Bowl. All of a sudden jared contractors the worst contracts and. He's terrible everything at the rams. Did were wrong. I mean they didn't make it to the Super Bowl. It was not a great game but somebody's gotTa lose. I personally want to win the Super Bowl. But if some of your standards out here for these franchises or make the playoffs. I mean the bengals are trying to you. Know a legitimate franchise.

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