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Twenty years finally at an end it was time to end this war that might be over but the pandemic is not kids are heading back to school. Covert cases among them are taking up and vaccines are still not quite ready for them. President of the american academy of pediatrics. Dr lee savio beers number was just a disease for dos. But now we're seeing so many cases that that we really are seeing the impact on children. And i don't know about you but we're still working from home. Ceo's are pushing back the return to office but overall it's not all bad news in the c. suite share and ceo of kpmg. paul canal. There is a great degree of resilience. And i think we're feeling really good about how the vaccines are responding to the virus. Very optimistic about the future. It's wednesday september. First twenty twenty. One squawk thought begins right now. Becky by in three to one place. Good morning. welcome to squawk box here on cnbc. I'm becky quick. Along with joe kernan. Andrew is on vacation today. Let's september i. You know that what that means that we've just finished this month so we should take a look at how the markets actually performed for the month of august. If you were watching you saw that the dow gained one point two percent that would be at six positive month in the last seven. The snp was up by two point. Nine percent logging seven straight months of gains and then the nasdaq was up. Four percent for the month russell two thousand small cap index. It outperformed yesterday but for the month that was up by two point. One percent and despite a decline of one point one percent in yesterday session. The dow transports finished the month higher by one point. Four percent now. The transports are still more than nine percent from their all time high. But if you look at the financials they were the best performers. In august up by five percent energy stocks were the worst performers and the only sector declined for the month as well..

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