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Problem with this sort of after the fact revisionist stuff trump gave the instruction Mister Bolton wrote there's no quotes by the way during an oval office conversation in early may met early may June July yeah that's two and a half months that included the acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney the president's personal lawyer Rudolph guiliani and White House counsel Patsy baloney who's not leaving the president's impeachment defense now baloney and make phone Mulvaney do you think those individual and Giuliani too do you think those individuals knowing the others are standing there sitting there do you think that they would I disagree with what Bolton says and claims if they weren't telling the truth Mr trump told Mister ball the call someone ski who had recently won election is presently Ukraine to insure him they would meet with Mr Giuliani to ensure Mr Lansky would meet with Mr Giuliani who's planning a trip to Ukraine to discuss the investigations that the president sought involves account Mister ball never made the call he wrote previously undisclosed directive that Mister ball describes would be the earliest known instance of Mr trump seeking to harness the power of the United States government to advance his pressure campaign against Ukraine is that a new statement Mister producers at an objective statement his pressure campaign against Ukraine is that what Mister Bolton said in his interview radio free Europe there was a pressure campaign not in the least and what is any of this matter as I keep saying pressure campaign the Ukrainians got what they wanted there was no investigation there was no announcement of investigation so the Democrats got what they wanted do you Craney has got what they wanted the Democrats and the media got what they wanted trump didn't get anything and notice how the entire narrative is spun here by these phony reporters in this New York slimes the poor Biden's here trump is trying to get a government to investigate now isn't it interesting the same New York times that doesn't give a damn that our own FBI in our own FISA court in our own intelligence agencies we're trying to take out candidate trump that's by the way a hundred times worse that's our own government the account in Mister Bolton's manuscript portrays the most senior White House advisers as early witnesses in the effort that they have sought to distance the president from what they're trying to say is Hey Democrats Hey Hey think alike media stepping media look we're giving you the lead here here's some more witnesses that the bed need to be called here we're telling you to call you get about a witness is coming up now you need a simple lonely as well and Giuliani got include them it's too bad they don't do real reporting on the so called whistle blower and his associations with individuals on ships staff and what any of that has to do now by the way is this actually reporting somebody has leak the manuscript of parts of the manuscript to Maggie Habermann and Michael C. Schmidt that is ninety Michael sees what Michael S. Schmidt not to be confused with Michael I better not so anyway this is a reporting this is regurgitation somebody has released chunks of all of or is describing the manuscript to these reporters were just writing it down just writing it down and treating it as fact as fact Mr bald scrappy here's the thing if I'm national security but I was chief of staff to the attorney general's you know we had a hell of a lot of meetings a whole lot of discussions all kinds of people involved within the justice department outside the justice department honestly I would have remembered anything like this Mr producer well maybe John took notes I would have taken note a cabinet sector president needs to be able to speak freely and even suggest ideas whether you like them or not this was it the legal nothing about it was illegal and nothing happened I mean the title a jumbled chapter whatever it is to be something like there never was a quid pro quo that should be the title not yes when he said this and I said this and this one's and these guys were present so what so what bald is doing now he's not only attempting to dislodge the president and have a removed from office he's not trying to take down his staff in certain cabinet members I'm shocked it's disgusting you'll never see anybody write a book like that on Obama as he began to realize the extent and names of the pressure campaign Mister ball began to object he wrote it is but no we didn't he didn't resign in protest if this went on for months he didn't resign in protest he was smiling representing the president traveling the world doing interviews and radio free Europe and so forth and so on over several pages bold laid out Mr trump's fixation on Ukraine and the president's believe based on a mix of scatter shot prevents assertions about right conspiracy theories that Ukraine tried to undermine his chances of winning the presidency in twenty sixteen this is the great life in the Holocaust denying New York times we have politico we have other from foreign magazines we even have the New York times I just talked about what the Ukrainians did we would judge a court that talked about with the crane instead so you got to be a cook now to bring it up for a Russian agent is Hillary Clinton would say just spewing their propaganda end of Bolton fought this he's no better as he began to realize the extent of names of the pressure campaign ball began to object he wrote in the book affirming the testimony of a former National Security Council aide Fiona hill who had said Mister Bolton warned that Mister gill and it was a hand grenade now they're spending what she said with he said now if I had Mr bold in front of me and I were questioning him I have a hell of a lot of questions but I have to make sure I wasn't stop by Adam Schiff it's the house intelligence committee I don't know if he spoke to Fiona hill after he resigned or was fired I would also like to know if Mr bolt was seeking business opportunities are jobs while you still at the National Security Council you're saying what I'm saying Mr reducer I would like to know if he was seeking a book deal while he was still at the National Security Council I would like to know if he would release his phone records in this text messages when he was at the National Security Council course the present United States would be involved in that but you understand the point ladies and gentleman did you ever talk to these people while he was at the NSC curious Mr balls account matches up with a time line of other developments in the Ukraine affair may not how come they don't mention the video Mister producer how come they don't mention the August twenty nineteen video were all was well they don't even mention it in this article no way that I can tell your time has a bad habit of writing these long droning monotonous articles which aren't filled with fact they're filled with little bit of information here stitched with the little idea over here and opinions over there is they try and spin their arguments so little novels of the left if you will I'll be right back.

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