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What That means is non traditional instruction. Alright, it Z Acronym given by the state of Kentucky to allow school districts to have a few more snow days as we would call them, But what happens on these NT I days is the kids. Either have assignments that are posted online that they have to complete or in most cases, they are given paper packed packets that the guess the beginning of winter that if they would Happened to have one of these NT I days they have some work that they have to complete and bring back with them to school. When they return. The winter weather advisories been dropped for Boone, Campbell and Kenton County's though coming, the Latin school is on a 90 minute, the late today I guess they were concerned about the forecast and made that decision before they could see that. Too warm in most of the tri state for snow, where we've been seeing it is Jennifer Catch, Mark said, is that extreme southeastern quarter from Maysville? Easter found within toe peoples want to let him have a snow day. How about that? You get 10 of these NT I days per year in Kentucky. For inclement weather and was given the three snow days Then go to NT. I think I mean, obviously, we have not seen Maybe what one or two snow days. Disappointment. I obviously, schools have had their Schedules interrupted by Cove in But when it comes to inclement weather hasn't really been a problem. I'm just talking for years into the future. There should be snow no longer first I thought it was a natty day, but like they're all going to Cincinnati, But no, it's NT I n t. I knew it. I may I've been doing this for going on 40 years, so the teachers get a day off,.

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