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Now for love life nelly later married a millionaire and you know why because she fucking deserve to and just like she deserved that fokker died pretty quickly and left over his business but she prove not to be a very good businessperson the company folded but not before she invented a new milk canister designed probably because she hadn't had any patents to her name yet so why the fuck not i put a balloon on the end of a turkeybased her to pick up cds for a science fair it was pretty ingenious also held a record briefly for break the target super smash brothers original think she's better than me time after doing all this stuff she go back in time and cough honor all guess i'll go back to my time and have some penicillin after her company polish went back to journalism sheikh cover the eastern front world war one and a women's suffrage movement unfortunately nearly died young at the age of fifty seven probably from accomplishing too much shit and running out of not giving any fox i letter was pneumonia the record is not super included via the summarize what you've learned in onesentence what would that sentence pizza that most people make me feel lazy but nelly blind makes me feel policy positively dead by comparing him all right so do you feel confident defaced the gauntlet of bly based questions from our panel i'd be insane to say no.

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