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About quality of water and they gave us a report but they said they're going to do it improved but I'm still waiting for it city officials say they're investigating how to improve the quality of winter springs water they hope to have a plan to present the residence by the end of the year there movie news ninety six point five to DB out your listing to the six M. expanded news feed on Marcia Taylor or bringing in fifteen minutes of news weather and traffic with no commercials well ice is getting ready for weekend rates targeting undocumented immigrants intensities reporter Serena Marshall legally somebody who is under a deportation order does not have to open the door to an ice official for deportation because the warrant that unless they have a warrant signed by a judge it's a very different warned that a search warrant for example so these individuals are are now alerted to the fact that this rate is coming they can just keep the door shut house speaker Nancy Pelosi they're still pushing back as about values that the president does not seem to share and we saw this morning when he announced his heartless raids on families this coming Sunday hello she says the ice rates will terrorize children and tear families apart president trump is blaming social media giants for discriminating against conservatives hosting a social media summit at the White House Thursday trump said that social media giants would love to shut us down trump says he tweets to bypass the corrupt establishment in media new this morning Turkey just received a missile shipment from Russia the mystery says it's the first delivery of the S. four hundred air defense system arrive today the U. S. is worn Turkey will face economic sanctions if it goes ahead with the by it's also said Turkey will not be allowed to participate in a program to produce a high tech F. thirty five fighter jets to Indiana brothers facing terrorism charges for trying to sell guns to ISIS both men were arrested last week and accused of plotting to make fully automatic rifles using a process to make them untraceable the FBI special agent in charge of the Indianapolis division called it a case of homegrown violent extremism reporter Brian shook says the brothers are being held without bond pending their trial a Colombian bishop is planning to sprinkle holy water from a helicopter Monsignor Ruben Dario how to me Montoya's planning a mass exorcism for the city of Bonaventura which includes reigning holy water from a helicopter the Catholic bishop says the exorcism will drive the devil out of one of and Ciara a city plagued by violence and drug trafficking mon toy announced his plan after a ten year old girl was brutally murdered the Colombian army offered the use of a helicopter to pour holy water from the sky during the upcoming feast of Saint Bonaventure on July fifteenth Laureline is ninety six point five W. D. B. L. a Japanese space crafted something pretty remarkable landed on a distant asteroid then collected underground samples as scientists hope will provide clues to the origin of the solar system billions of years ago the lander created a landlady crater on the asteroid in April drop the copper impactor else collected samples assigned is believe it team valuable data unaffected by space radiation and other environmental factors pretty cool stuff it is now six await your listing Orlando's morning is ready to live it to New Orleans Louisiana coming up in about sixty seconds hang on.

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