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I need now and then it wasn't. He wasn't obsessed boy at an angle at that. Our caller wish now that are had those are. I guess in Jaas as China a DOE Garner we should. I am to. Improve themselves and improve relationships all the time. Ever, to yet what you know until you know better. That's right. Bit trying to improve relationships for that. I really am doing asset of such a disservice I. Remember who originally said that I think a few people. So to say that in a firm believer in that. Lately and I think it's yeah. Well. T. You See can new information and say we can integrate it to. Improve Law of. His people. especially, our relationship with animals. Absolutely. Did leave with regret that I didn't. Know, he was trying in court compulsive Whi- which. Returns. Though I the time, but it certainly didn't distinguish it didn't extinguishes spirit. I'm. Ask Asa, question that. Everybody and that's A COP for you complete the sentence accompli, my dog ate. And this going to be your spouse may be different because also going to ask with his dot being a fireman, a working dog, but it's going to be different I. think a lot of other dogs normal highs. Count. Believe my dog used to loosen pal. Loosen pellets. Okay Eight. Besides that are fade them. Probably. Different. fade lots of rule. It's opportunistic role. And? Back then are probably fed. Fed back then. Working freighter. Fed whatever some. Until recently. It's been someday tell us star bombed or as a fade. There was some difficulty with getting to distant. Good quality food. Palate Boys, royal cannons whereas at. I bet the anyway to maintain. Good. Good Quality. For me anyway. So did you travel much with this? He traveled. Travel. Today of Bain to. Tonight. I. Before I got here given from child today, which is. Seven six or seven, hundred kilometers from here. In next weekend, kids in all got Brisbane will talk type end low, and then the next week macgyver. North Townsville, which is another. Twenty hours next weekend and. Fifty now sixteen years the weekend after so we travel watts. And I'm. Ed Bill tend to come with us a lot did. Hundreds of thousands of kilometers then he's lost Tom. Marsters sitting in the front and say, I. Had A spot on the back on on the door of Assad. Rate..

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