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After some head trauma there was a the big crash on the track ahead of them right and so they kind of got in in the smoke and in the chaos of it they got both hit yeah Cole hits into rowdy and their cars flip and they get airlifted to the hospital. They'll happy music underneath all that this is very interesting Lhasa Cons A- At first she does not seem very interested in Tom Cruise until he puts her hand on his Dick Yeah. That's that's an interesting scene gave tell us so a little bit earlier in the movie. After cultural has won his first race the team is travelling in their huge semi to wherever they're going hooters I have no idea somewhere and they get pulled over by. These two squad cars very attractive officer gets out they get everybody out of the semi. Get them them lined up against the truck and she frisks him and when she gets to his member it right there right we see the bolger shirt for. Do you think that was his real asking myself. What do you think game? No I mean it's probably a cop I mean I don't know I mean the panthers certainly tight enough for it to be but double double. I'm going to go penis double classic Hollywood knowledge and she's a woman that has offered herself up to him is kind of the implication says your your friends thought you'd like me and I hope she's a sex worker. Hey all more power to you know she's is not then I feel weirder yeah yeah but also you know maybe she's a big Fan. She seems happy with the situation yeah. She's under no duress. It doesn't seem uh-huh she's making her choices. which is all that we can ask for? No one's making these choices for her now another actor in that scene one of the other cops is a AH name is Nick searcy on he was unjustified. he's like the head of the whatever government agency that is and it just every character actor with a southern accent is in this movie including Margo Martindale who's in one scene at the beginning of the movie. She has no lines. She's just sitting in the background of the scene timing coming Culture Hilas he goes around the abet you. It has to do with the fact that this movie was taking three months longer to shoot than originally planned because the producers Don Simpson Jerry Bruckheimer plus Robert Towne knee town Robert towne fighting the whole time for every shot and some Don Simpson who always wanted to become an actor he like spores the screenwriter to write four page scene for him but it ended up being just a one liner so because the editor showed up on the set and he was like this guy cannot act can he's never going to be in this facility in the final macoute he is he's in the beginning. He says something like Oh. I hope like I win and this guy doesn't make it or something and so but like yeah but like all while he's having crazy parties apparently they they I mean Bruckheimer and Simpson they converted the hotel into a private gym for four hundred thousand dollars and put a sign that said days of thunder at the front and there were having crazy parties would rappers and stuff on the beach and they were giving away designer dresses mostly Don Simpson Design addresses two attractive women to sleep with them and so brought time zone who's actually doing any work done. Simpson was is just partying like crazy apparently so it was simpson and Bruckheimer fighting with each other or was it the two of them fighting with town. Everybody was fighting and because of that production and just got delayed by three months which is insane how much money so from thirty five million dollars ballooned balloon to seventy some million dollars inches double in our money today and a lot of times do crew would just sit there waiting and they said the overtime like made his crew crew guys later take like a four month vacation because they had all this extra money from this weekend spill. So what I'm saying is that because all this crazy stuff was going on they might have had like a decent scenes for Margo Martindale and other people but they just they just cut it out because at the end of the chaos they forgot to shoot Kohl's car car winning Daytona going to the finish line so they had to pull shot like extra production was shut down and like reshoot it anyway. It sounds like a complete nightmare idea that explains why Jerry Bruckheimer then goes on to be the only person in that production company logo no longer Simpson Bruckheimer production right. We'll paramount fires them. After this film a year prior to this film they make a five year contract with them like overall deal. Make whatever you want and then seeing how all of this movie is doing the terror that contract and they're like you both fired so they have to move on and have the second sort of phase of their producing life until nineteen ninety six went went simpson dies. I see how crazy I love the story behind the movie and that's what I'm blaming for why I was confused during the medical montage after after the accident yeah probably medical montage of Rowdy and whole being wheeled into the trauma center we meet Claire which is I just hate that name for but anyway. It's a good name the richest clearly she's not clearly we aren't you looking woman. She's just not but I was able to get past that now anyway and and but I just the for for mood I thought explained everything and and you know even taught us all the lingo and stuff I thought that the actual accident and the medical montage was ah them getting into the hospital and getting to the point where we find out if they're going to be medically cleared or not was just very chaotic so yeah they need to get cleared to get back on track and Claire Says No way she needs to see some improvement in their physical health before issue. Let them race again in this time they become friends which is cute. All everyone becomes friends during this time rowdy and cold become friends. That's the big turn. That's the big sort of mid point turn of descript. Is that Whoa we I thought this was the antagonist of the film but he's not because it become fast friends. Actually the head of NASCAR played by Fred Thompson tells them if they hit each other again he's GonNa kick them out of NASCAR and they decided instead of settling this on the track. Let's settle it it with rental cars on the La River sounds funny but based on the real story. Apparently the racers early on in the fifties would do all the time yeah they beat the hell out of these rental cars and in the end they find common ground as two lovers of speed and chrome thrown. If American cars did anything it was bringing people together make them get over their differences the tourist aluminum you know the peacekeeping cars yes so their friends now Tom Wu's claire by seemingly so you just by sending her a lot of flowers that that is the turning point for her right like she's holy uninterested in him until one day she gets home and there's too many flowers there and that is all of a sudden she used turn on a dime and now she likes him. She wants to fly out because she's too busy right to anybody and he also because her boss to get her time off when you're starting to court with some of what you want is for them to get involved in your career and you know complain your boss about your working hours. Oh we didn't even and finish the fact that because this his friends higher this woman to pretend to be a cop and grope him when he wakes up in the hospital well he thinks they've done the same thing with Nicole Kidman and so he grabs her hand puts it on his Dick and everyone thinks it's hilarious and she handles it pretty pretty well. Yes the joke. Maybe that's a I can montage or she. Does she think before that I was wondering that that scene gene maybe think about like their marriage and the whole thing. That's another layer that I liked about this was it was kind of around the time that they were doing like far and away but I liked. I did like the layer of yeah that of them knowing each other real life. I don't know six months later after the movie was done got married. Wow look at him now. Not Married not speaking it might be maybe they did. Maybe they college phone. You know maybe they have a good friendship Keith all right so that her husband never been country music singer Australian also showed her than her. She's got type. How tall is she eighty? Five ten. I Dunno she's. I'M GONNA go with five eleven. That's just my guess. We'll never know no. There's no way for us to know so they fall in love love. He put Sweden low on her legs rowdy. However is not cleared to get back on the doesn't clear him? Rowdy has a persistent brain injury that he is choosing to ignore. He has a blood clot in his brain hemorrhage that the same thing not a blood clot. It's like there's no blood. Flow hemorrhages like there's lots of blood flow marineland opposite would be like a blockage. Where's the hemorrhages bleed? Hey Hey he's brain needs a fixing yeah. Absolutely wow Cole has been off the track. The team has replaced him with a new driver played by carry. Elway's Dick Right away. You just hate that guy. Hey Tate and once Cole has been cleared to race again. Randy Quaid sets up a second second team so that carry always can also keep racing and we now see oh Kerry elway is the true antagonist of this film later you you know in the film. It's like Oh wait. There isn't a tag but I did like that rowdy. I thought was going to be the antagonists for the entire film and like midway through. It's like Nope we're besties and then there's like a new guy. Mr Princess Bride comes in and hilarity ensues. I don't know I like that. I wasn't expecting it. That's an unusual turn of story. Ren Randy quit also becomes a sort of antagonists to he's become seduced by the sponsorship money and he's wearing nicer suits now and sunglasses his and he has less time for coal more time for carry l. Wes and Cole is is like afraid to race now right. He's Picky as Dean Israel after his accident. He's being very careful on the track and Robert Duvall can see it in and he knows that's no way to win but at this point point Cole trickle can speak he can talk cars really well. He can explain what's going on with his car if it's not doing well while his crew who is in the pit listening to him over the headphones speaking of headphones apparently the we're turning into this lines like for the move there were constantly having rewrite the day off which never happens from like it's very tv sort of situation like having rewrites the day off so times Tom Cruise had to race and look down to see his lines on the dashboard and then speak a mop like half somebody in easy or tell him what the lines are the driving yeah. He started at such a question for you did you had you seen this movie and you ever seen this movie before. Do you have any connection to NASCAR or car racing in any way no to all of it. What about you know I've heard of the movie I think it may be seen some clips who I've never seen it before and yeah? I don't know I didn't know much about NASCAR. This was like a primer for me. Well I know about NASCAR FROM NASCAR car racing. I should say from documentaries center an amazing documentary highly recommended water great film so this is like the one time I learned more more about car racing I ever knew before talking. I don't remember anything about it except that it was great listener. We don't have to do other work for you. Go type it into Google Yourself S. E. N. A. Check it out. It's about a racer who is pretty great and bad shit happens to him. It runs out of sweet and low so he can explain nothing. That's the big turn in his story. Coal is all of the relationships in his life are are kind of going down the drain or Robert Duvall feels like he's not being honest with him. seems Claire. You know feels like He. He's he's not admitting things to himself. Rowdy is hiding his brain injury from himself. Everyone's hiding things from themselves. Anti and Tom just can't race you know and carry out west. It's driving him crazy. 'cause he's Robin on the track and nobody's doing anything about it and eventually Tom Cruise it. Just almost T. bones amount on the track. After carry always wins a race Tom Cruise right post-race rage right. Yeah road rage after the fact road rage is real yeah even in nineteen ninety and that takes him that takes them to his low point of the film and then and we can start the redemption portion of it and how does that Brooklyn breaking down the scripts guys so yeah he gets fired and so where where does it. Where does he turn Gabe? What does he do while he goes and he sees rowdy? Roddy is not taking care of his brain injury. He he comes from a family that does not see doctors is Nicole. Kidman is like why hasn't Tom Cruise been to see him as been to visit him and Robert Duvall a racer doesn't want to go see someone in the hospital doesn't want to go to a funeral general because it's what could be for them..

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