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Other people have certain kinds of music here's our music this is our uh there we go the exactly exactly and this was only one of many documents there's another document an eightpage criminal referral filed with the justice department by senate judiciary committee chairman chuck grassley grassley and senator lindsey graham this is also part of the memo releases all right we're having some fun on a friday welcome in to the mike gallagher show i'm having more fun we got two things going on here we've got the radio show of course which we are not mission upbeat we are watching carefully uh the democrats are in belts and fits of hysteria uh adam schiff is hyperventilating their breathing into brown paper shacks they are clutching their pearl's they are panicking because this memo could could make the case that the fbi's investigation into president trump's campaign and the whole allegations of collusion was based on flawed or politically tainted evidence connected to clinton hillary clinton partisans that's the way the hill describes this show the fbi is mortified that this memo could come out the democrats are upset that this memo could be released the trump haters are upset about the memo being released and it's just all a this is all an adventure but we're waiting any minute now and it could be release were also having fun with the video stream the mic onlinecom relief factor dot com studios because i i'm in my apartment today and we wanna make sure we could stream the show and we have slapped this to i mean we've got the right technology it's just all the background and stuff and we're having a record number of people watching so you want to have some fun you go to mike onlinecom and click on the watch mike on tv button tommy just a uh has in the message how cool this is and how how much he uh he likes it and it is fine it's behind the scenes and you're also going to hear behind the scenes conversations fill boys are fearless leader just pointed out he just texted me that you can hear the conversations that were having a off there as well as on and that's part of the the fun of being behind the curtain and part of this stream so if you and while you're at mike onlinecom become a member of gal would become a.

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