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SIMS. But what you get into town. It's pretty cloudy driving. That'll help out all of our eastbound route. Like I said no big problems in your drive around the metro area. There's at one crash northbound I twenty five at lurker. In the foothills low clouds are giving us a little bit of light. Still the sporting around the Bailey area. Rotor just wet for the most part. We do have. Jane restrictions, though. Traction, log up four I seventy over Vail path. So still winner there. This report is sponsored by the Colorado department transportation. Life is full of our choices wearing a seatbelt is at one of the buttering me protecting yourself and others of the car. Everyone has a reason to buckle up by yours. Click it or ticket it forced his on brought to you by cdot. Next update six twenty Gary, NewsRadio Colorado's news, traffic and weather station. Take today's the day, the weather pattern across Colorado starts to change a little bit the chance of rain is the lower. We should overall a little more sunshine today compared to yesterday temperatures will be similar highs in the upper fifties, which is still about fifteen degrees below normal for this time of year chance for few thunder showers into the Rockies game tonight and then we'll forty-two for the overnight low tomorrow partly sunny, a twenty percent chance for an isolated thunder shower tomorrow afternoon with highs near seventy for Thursday and then sunshine on Friday. Beautiful day, high seventy seven will be near eighty for the weekend, from CBS forum, Ashton Altieri on KOA, NewsRadio eight fifty AM, and ninety four one FM right now, we have mostly cloudy skies in about forty degrees in Denver. Now on Colorado's morning news rocket man, the movie about the life vote, John opening in the metro area theaters tomorrow in this KOA NewsRadio close up. Cathy Walker talked with Denver icon, who's promoted Elton John shows and.

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