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Just not that hard one eight hundred six three six eight six eight six with go to the d tony in detroit script on the show tony horio waters off van america were you to the good tony good how about your what's up unfair impaired like what an honor to tell you the story odds jim i really mean it on my whole life all ord forty one year old i'm not gonna cry like the san antonio guy but the greatest moment i ever had no lie jim in all of sport is well your tour stop to detroit and you brought up ernie her well in the crowd shane that ernie ernie for five minutes straight and you didn't then erupt us you let us give the loved to ernie and i just wanna tell you sincerely i'll never meet you but what i class move you did their man what a time jim i love you on the tv bring back another tourist stop here war less than a hundred days till the kentucky derby i'll see you there jim have a great day man nice job brought that up okay so the tour stops of very very quickly back in the day i used to do appearances and they were shows there were off the air so i'd show up in a town in an arena and we would you quote a tour stopping to bring up local of local celebrities or athletes in i would interview them toss him jonk literally it was a show but not ally it was a live show our radio show we didn't broadcast these things once for a tv network i used to do or work for we did tell buys one of them but the the.

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