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Feel like usually those guys end up being starter. So that was a little weird other than mike mcglinchey. I feel like tom. Cotton was the guy that got crushed on the forty niners offensive line. A lot. People did not like him And i'm a little stunned beyond the compton. Two rookies like that's your off. And this is not an offense. It's easy on offensive lineman. You've got to do a lot of different things. You've got to be fast enough to get out on the edge and now with this jewel quarterback system you got to essentially get used to two different cadences. It's not an easy thing for an offensive lineman to handle on the niners. Have two rookies of their offensive linemen. Yeah david lombardi brought up this point. David lombardi of the athletic He said that the offensive line depth on this active roster is really thin. I mean they're starting five. I think is going to be a really good unit and will monitor kind of their advanced metrics as the year goes on things are they'll end up being a top ten unit. Both run blocking aunt pass block. I mean trent williams and tomlinson were fantastic last season. And then you had alex mack to stabilize the center position. Mike mcglinchey in is added weight. I think that group up front is going to be really good. It's really if any one of those guys get hurt. Misses some time with like a covert related thing. That's when the forty niners might be screwed up front because all of a sudden now if anyone or your guards go down. Is tom cotton going to step. In as aaron banks you know who they invested a second round pick and is he gonna step been Who hasn't really looked good during this preseason in his in his limited you know showing and then he got hurt. Just a lot of concern up. You know upfront. I was jalen more. I think flashed a little bit but again he was also a day three pick and now he's your swing tackle. So either she. Or trent williams were to miss time now he gets inserted there so all of a sudden there could be situation where you look up and opposing pass rusher in the nfc west like you know is going up against Jalen warren Could be worrisome. Just given you know their quarterback situation. So i would be. I would be monitoring offensive line market pretty closely. I do expect jake. Brendel the the center they released to be back on the practice squad as our report that he he will most likely be back but beyond that it looks thin and get invested a second round. Pick you know. Aaron banks and they hope that he would be the starting right guard and then all of a sudden daniel bruns skill becomes your swiss army knife depth piece but banks misstep bronco had to be the starting right guard and all of a sudden. Now look a little thin beyond the beyond the starting five and it's not like they have a long history like lake in tomlinson has a pretty good history of not missing games. He's generally dependable. But like trent williams hasn't played a full season in a long time. Mike mcglinchey we've seen mistime at different points like it's not like they have a bunch of iron men. Upfront alex mack. Is you know he's old now. He's not a young alex mack. So you would imagine at some point. Different parts of this offensive line could miss time and it seems like the forty niners are banking on like well. If it's only one dude we can make it work. But if it's multiple at the same time i agree they could be in a world of trouble. Well add so on sunday. They played against reiter. Backups i understand but the starting off you know starting five played up front. They didn't allow a single pressure according to focus and that was the first time. I'll preseason and i think they only allowed four pressures total as a as a unit and you know that was keyed. Obviously because on that first opening drive where he moster just gashed the raiders. And there wasn't necessarily you know these long passing opportunities there but that starting five they can stay healthy for a majority of the season in keep both garoppolo and trae lance clean. I have a hard time seeing. How opposing defenses. Slowdown this offense. Just given the fact that they can run a variety of ways and then all of a sudden they hit you with the play action behind it and the biggest achilles heel these past few seasons has been passed protecting in deeper drop type situations and if they can do that successfully then you know. All bets are off so moving on to the next position group. The tight ends the forty niners. Surprisingly only chose to keep three tight ends whereas they kept four in years past. George biddle no doubt made the roster rothwells who has really stepped up this past off season. And then charlie warner the rookie. From last season also made the roster. Did you think jordan. Mathews or michael pruitt would potentially make this surprise that they only three. I wasn't surprised to see matthews go because if you can't block you cannot be on this team like that is how dante pettis gotten. Kyle shanahan doghouse. Kyle needs you to block regardless of who you are and matthews. I mean he looks silly on psalmody. It wasn't as bad as tim. Tebow with jags but it was. I mean it's a hard. It's a hard thing to learn. I was just talking to matt. Ryan humble brag this week. Affleck's yup not gonna lie. He said other than quarterback tight ends the hardest transition to make you know for rookies coming into the nfl. Jordan mathews is essentially a rookie as tight end. He'd been receivers whole career so he had long odds to make the roster. I actually have been kind of impressed with charlie werner like as a receiving threat in the preseason. I thought he had looked better than i remembered him. And i've been hearing that dwell has been you know stepping up to so i i like the tight end room It's obviously kill and a bunch of other people but i think it's better the depth. There is better than it has been recently. I was gonna say you're right about the jordan mathews and being an inland blocker. That's really important. As often so. I thought michael pruitt could potentially add value because that was his role with the titans in the past he was. He was an inland blocker. Similar to the guys that they've had in the past in the guaranteed him. I think five hundred thousand dollars so by cutting their also eating an extra five hundred thousand dollars. So that's why. I thought pruitt maybe have the inside edge to being kind of the fourth tied on on this roster but i think. Kp noted that jordan mathews was getting all the reps ahead of pruitt in practice when he was down there. So guess like either tight end And the chose to release both of them. And i don't expect there to be a big market for either so potentially land back on the the roster or the practice squad Down line so moving along wide receiver another position. That was talked about a lot right. Which six seven guys. We're going to be kept. This was heavily discussed but at the end of the day. The forty niners chose to keep brandon can deebo samuel dove course sue entrenched sherfield. Those four guys were pretty clear. The cream of the crop in training camp and preseason. Trent sherfield i did not have a on fifty men roster like coming into training camp when kp. And i talked about this. I thought he was going to be released. I thought he was a special teamer but he was fantastic on sunday. He's making every play they targeted. I think four or five times. So.

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