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Not in phase two yet. Were very close. We're headed it in in the right direction. is so it's GonNa be continued to be this idea around social distancing. I attended a wedding this past week but it was a much smaller invite less than what was originally intended. This royal generous. See wait a minute. What did he say? He went to a wedding with a smaller attendance. Miss you are listening to the Conservatives Circus ringmaster James. Here's how small was the list. Was it under ten people. Did it violate the phase? One that we're in this is absurd. Wait a minute you're mandated at you can't get in groups of larger ten but you. Lord Ducie went to a wedding. Wait a minute. You actually actually shared that with us. Sir Be and absurd this puts them over there with the mayor. Lightfoot shutdown the beauty shop stuff like that but it's still got her hair beautify. This puts him up there with the Governor Whitman. Who Shut Down Your. You can't travel between houses but allow her husband to go. Rake the rake the leaves it. Put the boat in the water. Who that governor in Illinois put out the travel ban but his family is travelling up to Lake Geneva Brisker and family flying down to Florida Lord. Ducie had the nerve to say we're still in phase one which means you can't be in the ten people or more but he went to a wedding. It had a reduced guest list. I WanNa know how many guests at the wedding. If it's over ten people I demand that Lord Ducie Bay at twenty five hundred dollar fine. It's been six months in jail and loses his his look license. This is absurd this up third away. Who Don't do that Lord Ducie? Don't do that. The Lord Ducie says that we're opening up Arizona the Arizona way but it's funny because these CDC guidelines at one size fits all for every state You have to wear a mask if you're over the age of two when you go back to school you have to discourage sharing of items or supplies that can't be easily cleaned uses. You got your pencil now. Stop at that is the CDC violation son. I'm sitting you right down the principal. Hennessy's office you must clean and disinfect frequently. Touched between uses develop a scheduled for increase lateen cleaning and disinfection all belonging separated into individual cubbies or label containers kids avoid schering electronic devices toys games or learning AIDS. This this is what we have to go back to school for one way routes in hallways tape on the site wall to wall was sure kids. Stay six feet apart pay. Hey Hey little Ross. Step back they happened to be in the liquor store the other day. I want to go put my items up on the conveyor belt. It was too so the conveyor belt wasn't clean circuit. You step back behind the line if I was trying to buy cooler a gallon of milk do it but I has Jameson. I had to go ahead and step back behind that line. You gotta you gotTa choose your battles thrown melt employees. Yes I would've I would've kool-aid who labor the little pack is a cooler like like little Ninja Stars. But it was Jameson. 's You can't you can't no. You can't take the chance of of spilling or break something like that boy. That escalated quickly. I mean that really got out of hand fast. He jumped up a notch. It didn't it. No more government lunches for the childrens's gotTa Bring Your Own. That's going to cause a problem. We we have schools that serve lunch even the summertime. Right what are we going to do about all the poor on the poor American kids that are going to aren't their schools that serve it year round? That's right absolutely there. Their schools that serve lunch hot lunch so that the children can eat times a day but now because of the co vet. They're not going to be able to get those school lunches anymore. What about the.

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