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Got the web address if you go to. Www DOT EPA press dot com forward slash safeties? You D listeners will be up to buy yourself a sweater or not. Show with the website again. Ever PRESS DOT COM FOODS FAMOUS. Atheists can make any more complicated calmer thing in the end. I've oppressed dot com slash. If ain't broke don't fix it. Such a tiny thing to say Eddie way should we talk about this week's guest who is in is Hannah Gadsby? Hannah me say that. Let you weren't there at the end. She like she so she kind of came. Everybody's attention with net right. Well I would say Austrailia imagined. She was big Jim before but yes absolutely was a communist special that she did for net flicks onto Netflix and it became a sensation partly because it was funny because she was the she talked about abuse and various misogyny and transphobia and things like that and just an mid really great connections of boats herself as a performer. Kind of in a way. In encouraging or encouraging. But maybe validating in a way Type of humor. That is indeed misogynist and transphobic and stuff and so the kind of thing she said in the wasn't. She said she's going to stop doing that kind of self deprecating humor because actually contributes to the problem an incredible incredibly powerful moving until in his special. I mean I think one of the interesting things that ah boats when you have a huge success and also when you make a proclamation like that is what where do you go from there. And what's interesting about into her next show and what she came back with because she said because actually she had come out as being autistic now as and she said the actually she'd had that diagnosis prior to doing annette. She chose not to speak about it in net because she felt she had a bigger point to make with Ninette. And she said no no net. And then that musicals. God No no no. No no no you gotta musical jokes. And then if you're in Scotland and someone says to You. Are you looking at? Yeah Polina. No there's nothing you say. Are you aware of that musical in Scotland Dino? No no no. Nanette thank you. She said yes she didn't want to talk about it. And I it was interesting. I also think that for particularly for the LGBTQ plus community the idea of sending yourself up for humor and actually not wanting to do that anymore was so pertinent for me at the time that I saw net when it first came out and I just thought is very true. Would so used to. I remember having conversations who came out with my friends from school. I remember we comes as and when I came out with people from school because I was nineteen so people are being like nineteen. No as friends from school all right. It wasn't like I was put back a year and now I remember saying people like Oh. I'm Gabe DOT can again. You know he's having to try and qualify main. Like I'm not going to be a promiscuous gay person having to be little were did they care because I think it was about back then. What was at this would have been seventeen thousand nine hundred different then? Let's shaggy around people being gay. I'm say surpassing I'm going to be gay but I'm not going to help sex like I'm not gonna I'm not going to be. Do you know what it was. It was like if you think about even then the image of then was George. Michael is agency. That was the image. You know who is that when he's bashing into trees and things on these raindrop. Things t was just vilified and it was disgusting. He he was treated down the way too because he was made to feel other but in a very long winded way saying is that I just think that's about cats. Be saying that you knew a lot of people have to send themselves up. Didn't want to anymore and I liked them and then we went to see Douglas her show. Yes that's right where we learned all about the fold of Douglas which you find out what that is funny and she said some really she said some fascinating stuff about the patriarchy damn them damn them as a sort of as a as a as a source of material and also for comedic material I think is great. The way she makes things funny and also mix great point and quite revelatory as well. Yes and she's just you know because of autism Says she notices the details and certain things the other people would in my house? I'm a I'm showing around in the dressing room and we'd been I met at this thing would be invited to Amazon. Did and you go free really bag as sort of a gift to give the thing that little Charlie Charlie back stink. When you're on 'em in my dressing piles of clothes in bags and we're going reinisch went. Oh Amazon you will dams one thing and as I said it then. She said later but really bizarre details and I was like it was kind of full of clothes spilling out was just interesting that that was an example of that just happened just completely dinner thing in the room. That was a link. Something me todd. And she said she sees seized up other people. Don't but then cannot see stuff that everyone else could see ya the lake remembering to send me one of those bumbags which meant to send you and she didn't. Now listen to this. Hate me forever or we'll send me now. Alan. I'm filling in an agony uncle frame of mind to yourself from our job. It's warm and how do you cope with the death of a pet? When you're already suffering from depression rob but I would say I mean like for example when honey died has my dog for. I was devastated and I left a while but I mean the thing is that I. I wasn't depressed already but I think the thing about dogs die. It's to try and remember what a great the great things they have given you pets in general the great things that have given the way the great lessons one hundred is you told me a law. how I want to end my life and then the quality of life and what I think is important and this obsession especially in America with longevity versus the actual quality of life. So just trying to think of the wonderful things that this person. This animal hasn't left. You also just about what the you've given them opportunity given them. I opted honey. Stick adopted another opting dogs rather than getting some puppy farms into be miss. Jean Brodie and say also you should seek medical and professional help but but it's extremely hard habit this one.

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