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Will pass And it will be my recommendation we should be done I mean that would be my take but I don't think he would take it But I don't know Eugene if you're still with us can you hear me here I am I can I can Okay now yesterday McCarthy flat out denied that he said that and then the tape came out I mean how is this potentially changing Republican politics at the top of the house of represent representatives Yeah I mean he already had high hopes to being the next speaker If Republicans were to take the house everyone knows that he's made that very clear He doesn't have a lot of support from Trump supporters People like Matt Gaetz marguerite the green already and I think that has continued You saw Matt Gaetz kind of attack him on Twitter and so that's the one place where it affects And then it impacts possibly his relationship with Donald Trump But bapo is reporting that McCarthy and Donald Trump's vote last night in that Trump wasn't mad He wasn't upset about the new audio and as a matter of fact they say that Trump sought as a sign of his continued grip on the Republican Party that there was both McConnell and McCarthy who were kind of going back on what they were saying at the very beginning So it's kind of a fascinating turn of events when you look at how he started the day denying that he ever said it and then we hear this audio last night Well that is such an interesting point because what this says to me is that there was a brief moment after the riot when Republican leadership was ready to walk away from Trump And that's not where they are now Is it Scott Oh absolutely not And just a couple weeks after McCarthy took to the House floor in a very public way and said Trump bears responsibility for the attack he was back down at Mar-a-Lago if you remember you know hat in hand seeking support from Trump and pledging his support for Trump Knowing that the party and specifically the conservative base and the voters in the Republican Party had not broken from Trump They were standing by him They were defending him Therefore conservative lawmakers in the House and the Senate were going to stick with president Trump and if McCarthy ever wanted to have a future in that party he was also going to have to realign with Trump and make amends and that's exactly what's happened That's what McCarthy has been working on for these past one and a half years since the attack And right now as far as we understand they had had a pretty good relationship frequently speaking on the phone with each other Clearly based on The Washington Post they spoke last night and appeared that things are as good as they can be going but again we will wait and see until we hear from Trump directly in a statement Sorry what I think is so fascinating It's kind of the chicken or the egg right You have Republicans who are saying that the voters love Donald Trump so much that they couldn't possibly turn their back on him and they're kind of why I think bounce back into Trump's corner but at the same time had leadership in the Senate and the House Republican at large actually done what they say They're going to do and get off the Trump train as Lindsey Graham kind of put it Republican voters may have followed them And so is this fascinating kind of what if you look back how that might have changed things moving forward Well let's talk about another lightning rod conservative Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene She is in court today to fight a lawsuit trying to erase her from the ballot The claim is she should not be allowed to run because of her alleged role on January 6th The Fourteenth Amendment says anyone who supported an insurrection or rebellion can not serve in Congress Now she took the stand and described some of her tweets leading up to January 6th I was.

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