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James you're not having conversations realistically about keithly being in the main event of annex t you might have had conversations about how you wanted to see that you might have had conversations about how you could see that happening at some point. But you're not sitting there if I told you the end of the survivor series. Men's ends match was Roman reigns and keithly shaking hands a month ago. You wouldn't believe me you'd go. I don't think so you know. Keithly was just in a rivalry dominic di Jakovic and it was just like these guys have good matches together. So we're going to have them wrestle a whole bunch and show everybody it keeps these always been popular and he's always been like potentially intially great but with all the stuff going on in that main event seen before Gargano injured within ballor back with riddle with Chapa. You know what I mean when you're when you're making that chart of who is Adam Cole. Going to face next at a takeover with his title on the line. You'RE GONNA CIAMPA. You're GONNA FIM Valor. You're going riddle. You're gone Gargano whenever he comes back. And that's that's kind of the list. I right now you could easily put keithly at the very top and I don't think you could put them lower than second place you know I think at this point. It's almost like you gotta say I think thank it goes chump and then Keith Lee and maybe in the other way maybe in the other direction and that's great because we finally have some blood now annexed were not only do we have all these different potential opponents for Adam Cole. But you've now got a guy who's never been in the main event of a takeover you know we've seen to Moscow so CIAMPA main event many takeovers all johnny wrestling was doing for two thousand eighteen dollar created the main event of NFC takeover as a big deal. Keith Lee has never had that opportunity. We've never seen keithly in that position and he's going to get there man. I mean it was magic survivor series. The moment survivor series was so good. That as much as there was excitement for the Shayna Baiser Becky Lynch Eh Baily match. That should not have gone on last. The men's elimination match should have absolutely gone on last. The men's elimination Manasian match was great. There were a couple of things that you know. Were kind of like Oh. I wish they hadn't done that. I wish they hadn't eliminated Walter so quickly. You know a couple of things like that but ultimately especially at the end the story that you start telling the fact that Seth rollins gets eliminated. I out of the last three guys when you got seth rollins lends Roman reigns and Keith Lee. You'd think it's going to be CIAMPA and it's Keith. Elite right chop is in there too. Do He gets eliminated. You're like what the hell is going on now. And then keithly pins. Seth Rollins keithly pinned seth rollins at survivor series. He's and then he's in there with Roman reigns and Roman reigns beats him and he should have because Roman reigns is the man nobody should ever beat him but Roman reigns beats him and people just love what they've seen and there's a handshake between the two of them and nobody's sitting there going like. Oh you know. Roman reigns is just trying to put a little bit of shine on onto Keith Lee. Everybody's going like I reckon I recognize these two equals. I'm ready to see a Roman reigns versus key match. Now you know. I've listened to people who are going like well. The rumor is any again into one of these like links that you find on facebook that you think is real gossip. I think somebody posted it in the discord room. The rumor is that keep lease GonNa Vincent Guide to take the title off broad Glasner. Let's let's let's all slow it down a sec you know. I've heard a lot of people. Advocating the key lease GonNa win the Royal Rumble. This year. which you know I? I don't think that crazy definitely have next. He representation in the Royal Rumble. This year. And I could see that happening. You know I did. The Royal Rumble is going to get much much more interesting than what the same way survivor series. Got Much more interesting because now whoever wins the royal rumble is going to get to pick the universal champion the WWe champion or the St Champion. You know so it's like are they going to have a match with with the fiend. Are they going to have the brock listener match match or they joining up with an X T. Like you know there's so many great possibilities for anybody that wins that match. I'm not ready to sit here and say keithly will win the royal rumble. So you know I I. I don't know that he should if he did. I'd be thrilled. I wouldn't be mad but I'd love to see him. Build a little bit more in annexed tea and get that takeover main event match because there is no takeover between now and the royal rumble next takeovers a month after the royal rumble. So you know and I think getting a title match with Adam Cole. Great anex television. But it's not the same Keith. Lee is going to go to raw or smackdown at some point and he is going to be a big star. I mean the think about the week not only does he bring the house down at war games. Not only is he one on one in the ring the final two at survivor series. He was one person away from being the actual sole survivor at survivor series. And he was in there with Roman reigns he pinned seth rollins and then you get to Wednesday. He has a tremendous tag title match and he gets one of the greatest his wrestling gifts of all time. Adam Cole. Running down that island catching the shoulder block. That sends him nine hundred thousand feet in the air careening into the first and second row at full sail university versity incredible. That gift is going to live forever. I already saw people saying you know me at the Thanksgiving table me reaching for the mashed potatoes me trying to get the stuffing before my brother me. You know what I mean like people are already meaning it for Thanksgiving and it just happened when they were doing that. Twenty minutes before it's it's memorable forever and it's one of those gifts that like you could show it to a non wrestling fan and they'd be like that's not real. That's amazing looking. Did that that powerhouse Keith. Lee and the abilities that he's got he has just hit. Hit a home run with every single opportunity. He has gotten and that to me is going to be the story ory of this weekend. This weekend was the rise of Keith Lee this weekend was the world getting to know. Oh keithly because the truth is there are not fans. The weren't that familiar with keithly. Not Everybody watched not every watches independent wrestling. You know not. Everybody was so familiar with keithly when he got to annex t and before next was on. USA keithly wasn't doing that much. I China next tea and even when he was on USA keithly was really just wrestling Dominic Cova and then he ends up somehow on this war wargames team and you go okay. I guess Keith Lee is there and Keith Lee goes oh no you're gonNA realize that keithly is there and he goes on and he gives the performance of a lifetime man. You know I I think that he just just totally crushed it. Just nailed sailed it on all levels and it's so cool to watch a star rise like that and to know that because of the way do things work in annex t we can have pretty good faith that that momentum is going to be built on you know I already felt the momentum being built upon based on what happened at survivor series. This Week on television I thought it was great. Thought it was really really good. Congratulations to keithly and to keithly fans because this is your all moment this is it's happening. It's happening for keithly and I don't think there's any anyway you can. You can deny what you saw especially at survivor series. I just don't think there's any way you can deny what you saw. And you know what he's a natural actual born good guy a guy that size. That's not normal. But he's a natural born. Good guy you look at his face. you believe him but you also Kinda WanNa hang with him. You don't look at him and go like Oh. I hope I don't ever have to fight that guy. You look at him going. I hope that guy has my back. I hope that that's going to be my body. That's going to be looking out for me. That's a great asset and keys got it in droves does he's doing great man he is doing absolutely great. This was to me no doubt about it. This was his weekend Speaking of the weekend And the weekday continued. Some people were surprised. Siham punk was not on Backstage and he tweeted tweeted. The dentist stamp mem- I was booked while I wasn't booked. Terry I've got other plans. I'm not going to be there because I wasn't booked. Somebody just come up to see him. Pumpkin I can ask him if you want to referee the main event I'd rather be in the main event breathe. See A punk not on backstage this week but I I think that was as the plan from the beginning you know. CNN punk is not a host renee. Young and Booker T.. Are the hosts of backstage. They're the ones that theoretically radically are going to be there every week. And everybody else kind of rotating you know I think. CMS PUNK is more official than Samoa. Joe Page or Christian in the sense sense that he's whatever he is a contributor. Whatever is deal is but I don't think it's anything anything more than that? I don't think he's anything suspicious. Che's It was interesting this week that they were. WWe was going out of their way to not make people feel like CNN. PUNK PUNK was on his way back into a ring. There were rumors that Seth rollins got in trouble backstage for bringing up. CNN punk in his opening promo on Monday night raw. Of course course if you Follow it along with the N.. T. Media call triple H said on the media call that that he was after takeover over that he was going out of his way nope no conversations had been had and of course everybody wants to see it he knows everybody wants to see if a no conversations were being head and he said that when everybody wants to see something they tend to say. So you're saying there's a chance But he said in the media call and this is true that he told me you that the when I announced that that the mystery shoppers mystery partner invitation that the person was in town was in Chicago but I didn't know who they were or if they had accepted that he told me that I told him. Roberts don't say Chicago because everybody will think it seeing Donkin. That's true. I said Hunter Scoops is going to go out there and let the world now this dude in Chicago the Champa the CIAMPA invited Vita Aaa. You looked at me. He said Sam as a yeah he said don't say Chicago..

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