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But here's the rule of thumb these are cbo numbers is the government's congressional budget numbers not not numbers by people who are trying to make a point one way or the other and that is if the economy grows at three percent year instead of two percent up one point a year for a decade the government nets just through growth no tax increase and i got two point eight trillion dollars over ten years if you go from two percent growth obama levels to four percent growth ronald reagan numbers it's over five trillion dollars additional revenue over a decade you know every once in a while the democrats talk about some massive tax increase and they're talking about a trillion dollars or one point four trillion it's obama wanted and couldn't get in the second half of his presidency you do twice as well by growing at three percents to percents so instead of fighting around trying to figure out who to nick and take more money from people and slow economic growth and probably actually lose revenue if you'd focus on growth you'd have to you'd have twice twice what obama was desperate to get in taxes through growth growth is the best way to reduce the deficit one eight hundred nine five five seventeen seventy six our trade wars and increased tariffs say threat to growth they are and it's it's a challenge because trump has done so well on deregulation against all the headwinds.

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