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I would love to see Andre ward come out of retirement knows too glad at seventy five that that's about I'd like to see yeah I don't think we will I I think Andre is one of the cerebral dudes who was you know just kind of stay out of it and he's doing a great job with this Tom and Jerry and getting better all the time that it and seems to be a good place in his life and I don't think you'd want to tarnish that not that he would I mean maybe you could come back but I I I understand why you'd want to see and I and I certainly would be there ringside watching it but there's a part of me I don't know man I I like it when a guy quits on top like that you know and stays stays quit especially when it when it's in the involving getting hit in the head Hey somebody you know what I'm I'm supposed to have a sunny Liston's grandson and an F. Resnick's daughter on the show here coming up in the next week or so well that that yeah that's I think the whole Sonny Liston bring is a fascinating and again I've heard nothing but tremendous things about is is a prolific punching power and he just thank the best heavy weight oval and I think you you mentioned I think Larry Holmes is the most under rated heavyweight champion of all time yeah Larry Larry could could do it all and any also could get off the campus when when he got flattened a few times you so he had all the physical ingredients the fundamentals the other white mindset inside the squared circle and they was also top as hell would and he thought you know back then as you know those heavy weights around at that time there were a lot of tough hombres if you will around at that time of the I love Larry Holmes talk about it yeah Hey at least that would be a great jab best of lists are listed at a great jab and my gosh all homes had maybe the best you have all the heavy weights certainly right up there on the short list of the best I got a number three my all time list Smitty Larry Holmes as a heavy weight you may yeah god I don't have I don't have too much of a problem I mean I I'm gonna have Muhammad as number one you know because of our only if he's at his best and then you know it's hard for me to hard for me to argue with a guy called the ball of the you know the the the brown bomber there was a guy Joe Louis was pretty damn good too it is blind eleven eleven years over eleven years nearly twelve the help the title so what I need he was a different type of puncher so he's he's right up there too great stuff as many as always thanks for hanging in there with us no worries have a great Christmas and I hope to see you in Vegas but even more so a guy like you need to get your behind the channel showed a whirl be hosting the the hall of fame and you're invited come to Janice story you'd you'd never forget it I would love to that's one of my bucket list thing thanks very very goes James Smitty Smith boxing analyst boxing hall of Famer the syndicated weekly bi weekly box and so in the corner yeah the boxing hall of fame in canton stood on a York I would love more than any other hall of fame in any sport I want to go to that one the statement they switched over to finish with the Finnish media dot com you and I both know that shopping online is much easier but how do you know they get this morning bustle different you need to do so by going to get stock the mother is the newest easiest destination to find unique securities yes for the need you know three people in your life like the rope from highway robbery there's still well you know I would say that a perfect for couples yes yes you including the high marks and also have your go walking in style with you see me like you know you're doing when it comes to give don't know what's cool well but giving up does the surprise there was something unique eight of the different and distinctive like leather well the couplings a snake skin handbag or to find a friend of my for Texas the don't over think simply thank god change it up.

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