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You know this is a risk he had an office carpet procedure in a ligament was worked on five months ago in may so with difficult about risk other than the fact it is a bone and my clapper vision is a pearl necklace easter though a bond his like the pearl the ligament in liked during that it patches all the pearl to make the necklace when you rip one off the strand though pearl necklace can essentially fall apart the challenge for us is your v eight bone literally looked like a pearl in that they are mood you don't a bowling surface in this bone it all cartlidge filled a very tiny bought with a cream enters the pearl so you can make a necklace is exactly like the ligament anchoring this heine little spot in the bone at completely covered by cartlidge you talk about a challenge nato is ten times easier for us to pinpoint exactly where to put the ligament back it is really tough to get it perfect in a risk and the feeling is different because you don't have the bloody type of bomb that we usually enjoy free healing in the risk for your knee or your hip or your shoulder so it is no wonder five months later he'll field dorna he's right it is not fully healed yet this whole thing cake month up to a year well he definitely is more time because he was muffin a lot of points to seize zohar idag weekend warriors sundown saturday seven and i would you f i'm so excited this saturday is the great coach mike dunleavy and he's got nailed a heads coach at tulane university who calvin.

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