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Hello fellow risk takers and welcome to my worst investment. Ever stories of loss to keep winning in our community. We know that to win in investing. You must take risk but win big. You've got to reduce it fellow. Risk-takers this is your worst. Podcast hosts andrew stotz. And i'm here to bring you episode. Three hundred and the title of this episode is forty nine incredible lessons. I learn in two thousand twenty from twenty six extraordinary people. Now i did interview. Actually one hundred and seventy people in twenty twenty but i thought i would highlight some of the best learning that i took away from it. So there's forty nine lessons and i'm going to run through them very quickly right now now. If you want to download these lessons. I've created a pdf file. All you have to do is go to my worst investment ever dot com episode three hundred. And you'll be able to see what i've written about this episode. But also you'll be able to click and download the pdf that lists out the forty nine incredible life lessons now. I say life lessons because actually a lot of the lessons. That i learned from all of my guests really are about. How do we improve online as well as our business and investing and so i've broken it into three categories. One is business lessons. One is investing lessons and the third one alcohol life lessons or general lessons. Let's get started. My first one came from one ninety two some pot melody and he got a software business very very interesting software business that supports companies for sales number one. A deal is never done until the money in the bank number two comes also from some path and it is cash flow. Not cash is king. Number three comes from ron veer. Brar which is got a great youtube channel and brings his passion for food to the world..

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