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Yeah, and they would stay down on the ground for a while, and you just feel awful Mike. When something like something like that happens because sometimes, it's just. Unavoidable and I think for what happened. Tanaka was unavoidable. I mean you know Stanton's trying to do what he's trying to do? You know and it's unfortunate, but now he took a knee and I'm like man. This guy if Tanaka doesn't get up man. This guy's never gonna be able to play again. I don't think. Yeah I mean it was that scary and to see him walk off and then be released from the hospital very quickly, and then it ended up being a mild concussion. It's. Could ended his career I mean it's just unbelievable to think that what has gone on, and then you get this simulated game and it's Giancarlo Stanton and you're dealing with the covid nineteen through all of this, and this happens and also stains history with getting pitch in the face, and of course breaking his face in a very famous fashion, I was a huge deal with him. And Mike Fires and something. You still hasn't gotten over. And how could you going? That is a layer. Layer of this as well, but I mean thank God I mean you. You never know what something like that it could end up and not being over the top, but it could end up being deadly something like that could end up being deadly and ended up in bed. The best case scenario possibly could have what they screaming line drive. Offer your head in a direct hit. I was just awful. And then you know you obviously have Louis Sessa and DJ LEMAY COMING DOWN Cove one, thousand, nine, hundred, and Dj is a symptomatic and Sesa- obviously has some mild symptoms, so you know they're isolated, and then, of course you have the story, Freddy Freeman, and it just goes to show you alcove in nineteen is it hits different people differently and. There's a spike in cases. All across the country heard you jerry talking about this morning. A lot of them are young people that are now being. Infected with this virus, a lot of the young people coming through it. There's no question about that, but it's still a dangerous game. That is being played and whether there are cove, nineteen parties in Tuscaloosa or in the pines or anywhere else. You know people were playing with fire now the other thing that came out over the weekend. I don't know if you saw this and I know. We're going to get into the name changes and all that other stuff, but the NFL players association now starting to flex its muscles and I do appreciate it. It's something that in one thousand, nine, hundred seven. If the players could have been together back then the way they are now the difference that could have been made. For the players, safety and health, and for their financial futures back then would have been significantly bigger than they than they were that they've turned out to be now. Believe it or not, but JC shredder the president. The player President of the NFL Players Association basically is recommending no preseason games. They do not want practice eleven on eleven. The the League looks like they're going to extend the rosters in the practice squad. And now all of a sudden for the first time. You know a guy like Mark Murphy. WHO's the President CEO and WHO's obviously former player himself for the packers came out and said look man. Time is no longer on our side. As a matter of fact, our season is about to get started much like baseball basketball much like hockey with major spikes happening. With covid, nineteen throughout the country, and you just have no idea how the individual governors are going to handle their in their particular states, and what their situations are. So, this is going to have you know and. Not even talking about but college football. Looks like it's going to move to the spring right now. All of a sudden. Yeah for the longest time football was on the back burner, because we were dealing with seasons that been cut short, and how they were going to finish them with hockey and basketball and a season that was just about to start in baseball, and when it was going to start in football was in the distant future, and we figured I things will be figured out by then but I mean the time is now for them to figure out what's going on in. The NFL was very easily could do everything they. They wanted to do. They did the virtual draft that worked out. Great Schedule Release I mean everything which is going on and on the free agency. Everything was just just plowing through everything and everything was great well. It can't be fortunately right now. This is not under control. We're continuing to live through it. in New York. We're better than we've ever been. But the rest of the country it's the exact opposite and now football's jeopardy as well I mean to think that the football season's just gonNA start. On time, it seems impossible, doesn't it? I mean even feel the same way about the NBA Major League baseball like I. Don't know if those things are still going to happen. Even though there's been agreements in place and there's been schedules and there's been everything else I. Mean I I have no idea because every day. Things change so so yeah. I mean football's in jeopardy and it's the one that I guess. Makes me the most upset quite frankly because it's my favorite sport and I always thought that by the time that we reached here and talking about training camps in preseason games in the NFL season that we would be in a much better place. Unfortunately we're not and it just it. Just flat out is very very discouraging these conversations starting to happen, but it's the reality while the also the NFL PA wants less players. Oddly, enough. For training camps, they want a maximum of eighty players. You could bring less than that if you'd like if you're a team. You know that that's just the maximum amount of players you can have as opposed to ninety players, which is was the maximum coming into this year. Go the other thing that happened. The NFL canceled their supplemental draft. In the reason why that's important is because there is no college football. The NFL DIDN'T WANNA. Get embroiled in a college supplemental draft right now because there are some very attractive players..

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