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Thanksgiving and Christmas traveler should start searching for flights as soon as next Wednesday in order to get the best airfare prices they're saying the date that date marks the beginning of the month long period when flights are going to be cheapest for travel in November and December for thanksgiving you can save money by booking travel on the Monday before November twenty fifth or on thanksgiving day itself I looked into fares you fly on thanksgiving day itself may you save eight. there does because last year yeah like their prices tend to be higher on the Sunday before thanksgiving and as for Christmas best day to fly in terms of price and crowds is actually Christmas Eve. worst day the day after Christmas yeah Brian Christmas Eve is very cheap because everybody wants. so I'm not going to do it it's cheap because nobody wants it would ruin my Christmas. you have to do is sacrifice everything's that the holidays all. that you're traveling at all for Christmas so you move the day around a little bit move Jesus's birth. your kids cry right. this is Megan all cry because I want to save a hundred Bucks by flying in on Christmas day I'll tell you as a swing a single guy all Fleischer's was stale and thanksgiving when it when I was a child let's see I always did that fine on thanksgiving Christmas whatever is great that your news I'm Marshall Philip C. Armstrong get a show the conscience of the nation. save on meals by making your child to eat out of the garbage. a child. tomorrow is the autumnal equinox eighty year old bluesman. about. what I'm not a druid so I don't actually say a tunnel equinox which tomorrow is the first day of fall so starting Monday I will be wearing scarves and owns every single day in some sort of a one of those in it a bank robber caps we call is going to have to. no a column of beanie the little round thing that the bill on it the little short bill like a paper boy from the forties I'm gonna lose the hat yeah yeah this popular things that I see hipsters where I'll tell you what. I hate to sound like Larry King writing one of his dot dot dot com's but shooting our out in.

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