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So chaos. Death and destruction telling world leaders at the general assembly now that the US is out of the international nuclear agreement. More sanctions are coming. We cannot allow the world's leading sponsor of terrorism to possess. The planet's most dangerous weapons he also called the civil war in Syria. Heartbreaking and that America will will respond of chemical weapons are used again. And the president talked up progress with North Korea the missiles and rockets are no longer flying in every direction. Nuclear testing has stopped some military facilities are already being dismantled later. President Trump will meet with the head of the UN. Antonio Gutierrez who worries world leaders are trusting each other and societies are becoming more. Fragmented geology is going outwards while many people are turning inwards. Multi-lateralism is under fire precisely when we need it. Most Bill Cosby's in court this morning later, he could be behind bars. Fox's Goodall Scott live at the Gordon Norristown, Pennsylvania Dave before Cosby can be sentenced the court will determine whether he is the sexually violent predator. That would subject him whatever his sentence to monthly counseling. Notifications to the community and lists Cosby on the state sex offender registry. If judge Steven O'Neill sentences Cosby to time behind bars how long determine where two years or more state prison less than two years county jail. The defense hopes for no jail time at all. This is Fox News, fair and balanced. Newsradio KLBJ. I'm John truly this news a service of Texas lending dot com. That's central Texas regional mobility authority says twenty-seven percent of drivers who use the pay by mail option for tolls. Refused to pay. It's something the Texas transportation commission recently cracked down on Commissioner. Jeff Austin says toll roads are not a God, given right? If you enter one of these roads, it is a choice. So tomorrow CPR may will consider a habitual violator program of its own that could include a full band trespassing charges and vehicle registration Holtz. CTRM AOL says allowing drivers to continue to use tolls without pain drives up the cost for everyone else. The city of keeps a triple a bond rating the Ostrom monitor reports this is the eighth year in a row that three US financial rating agencies have given the city the highest rating helps the city borrow money. Easier and cheaper Ron rock based Dell is on the prowl for a Bank to move forward. On its initial public..

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