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Fully and mortgage confidently week five in a couple of big battles coming up in the next half hour, Ohio State and Penn State in Happy Valley Stanford taking on Notre Dame all four those teams are four no four no Kentucky getting underway again, South Carolina at the bottom of the hour as well as the Wildcats look to continue their perfect start Washington. And be y you both three and one, but BYU will already has a big road upset in Wisconsin trying to do it again tonight in Seattle. Also earlier today a big story. Developing in death valley where Clemson got past Syracuse just barely rallying to defeat the orange twenty seven Twenty-three. However, it was a costly win as Trevor Lawrence who became the starting quarterback this week and Kelly Bryant subsequently transferred leaving the Tigers then at quarterback, and of course, Lawrence gets hurt in concussion protocol. No word on how long he may be out. But he did not finish the game. Chase Bryce did that and did a solid job. Travis over two hundred yards rushing. No problems for Alabama today. They crush Louisiana fifty six to fourteen and West Virginia getting another big day from wheel Greer three hundred seventy yards and three touchdowns in a forty two. Thirty four win over Texas Tech in Lubbock in Norman today. Cuyler Murray didn't get the start after violating team rules, but Oklahoma hasn't suffered. Let's get more from Randi heights. Yeah. Right now. A guy buys score fifty six thirty three late in the fourth quarter. Hyler Murray definitely has been the story of the day. Passing touchdown today. One rushing, John and not to mention the centers. Black score a rushing touchdown by redshirt freshman Kennedy brook from thirty five yards against up on top of Baylor. Thirty three Jalen. Hurry. Just because the second touchdown of the game on the last guy to the bears into that lead me through. Another big day for Cuyler Murray. Boy, Jody you know, you talk about the Heisman contenders right now. Tiga via low of may may hurt his own caused by his own success. You have Dwayne Haskins of Ohio State in Murray with another big day today. Although he did not have it last week. But but barely touch the ball right because army kept in central alarm. How can I help you? Hi, I installed my alarm system myself along the video doorbells the now,.

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