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Animal sick that. I do find it interesting that there's some people that when they get into a sport they already have most of the components down so his boxes are checked. You know he's got stamina's good now it's great Physique was good coming in. Now it's great So he's able to kind of work through lot of the things as he was competing in as he was maturing. But i see from a lot of people there for maybe multiple reasons. But they're they're stuck in their sport but they're not really improving in their sport in some of the areas that they really need to like for example. It doesn't sound like he needs to like run or have any other conditioning program however there could be some individuals that could utilize maybe some hit training or maybe utilize some form of cardiovascular training because every time there in class every time they're in competition they're probably gassing out and they might for whatever reason that particular person might need to address that particular thing or they're weak and they never really get any stronger because they're only focused on just jujitsu practice every day and they're not focused on just trying to make a change in. and what. I would advise some people to do. I don't know shit about you. But in general. When i've seen this happened before have even seen and powerlifting where the same guy ends up with the same technique flaw at every single competition for years and years and years and years. And i'm like when is this fucking guy going to address this. The only way to address it is to be really really consistent and you do have to pull back a little bit so he was talking about getting in some of those vulnerable positions and training and like how he hates it but those things like that are are really critical to progress. So if you're stuck and you have the same form technique over and over or same fly every time pull back on the wait a little bit relearn how to do it and ask yourself how the fuck do i stop doing that. And actually remember. Dan greene sent me a video. And he squatted like six hundred and he squad like six twenty five and then he squatted like six fifty and they're all like just brutal like muscled up lifts. Dan has really really strong. Legs guys tennessee. Big and jackie is now at the time he was to twenty. He wasn't nearly as big and the forum just got worse and worse with the weight that was on his back and i was like oh my god that he sent me and i was like man. I think you need to go back. And like you know work on it and sends me a video of him squatting seven five this like weeks later and just it's perfect and i was like holy. Fuck on my. He fixed it. Like an and i usually didn't see that from people especially from someone that was strong squatting six hundred pounds. When you're to twenty a lot of fucking wait. Fun pretty amazing. And then he just boost right up to around seventy five and it was great to see like someone. Who's a mature lifter. Someone who's already good said. Hey you know what. I'm not that good at this particular thing. I need to go back and fix it. Whatever way i can. I think he worked on his hamstrings and lower back a lot. Then he was able to squat a lot more huge hamstring strains for dave he was able to squat more upright and that was the solution for him. But there's a lot of people aren't willing to go back. Take a couple of steps back to kind of fix up or clean up their lack of strength their lack of mobility their lack of whatever it might be to continue to progress forward. That's what kind of he was talking about when it comes to positional training to athletes mentioned that they do a lot of that so hotter gracie's talked about how he didn't necessarily have a lot of world champion training partners like he didn't have the best in the world training with him. He was always the best in the room. Typically and what. He would do the reason that what he would do a lot of positional training where he would have. Somebody mounted hymns have somebody on his back. Be an already an arm bar position where he'd have to try to escape before he could actually do anything and he would train those bad positions so because naturally his training partner couldn't even get there if they were to normally spar that he got so good at not getting not being endangering those positions even though he didn't have the best in the world to train with right right so that's addressing those weaknesses and addressing things. That could be weaknesses before they happen. That's that's a huge thing. When i was boxing these same thing a lot of the guys that were really really good. Whenever i got in the ring with him because i was young and green. I just didn't know what it's doing They were only allowed to jab. And if i got like two rambunctious or like caught him with something. Because i was pretty strong than they would. Do they start throwing hooks in a couple other things. Yeah it'd be like oh sh. Okay sorry all right. Because i thought i was doing good. You know but it's kind of forget. Okay they have a pretty good handicap but even when they're just jabbing. I mean they would just tag you all. It would hurt so bad. I mean they're pros you know. They know what they're doing but amazing. Podcast amazing guy. And i think you know he talked about how he would like to you know. Continue to be more popular and make money. I like that authenticity of just just saying it. But i think if you if you go out there and you kick everybody's ass in something it actually is a lot easier to you know quote unquote build a brand or You know win. Winning his is the key is a key factor in the whole thing. You win a world title and your black belt me that much easier to get attention. Someone's like hey what does this guy ever. oh never mind credentials. Yeah oh he oh shit okay. He'd be like the top five guys in never. I ain't got shit to say. I'm actually just gonna open up my ears and listen to them. I know with tito ortiz and chuck ladele. There was always a battle of those two being some of the best that you have had to offer and tito ortiz was always like really really concerned about how he can.

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