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Just order on your sheets app and pick it up curbside. After all, who doesn't want to break from the norm, sheets run and done. This is else to bring it back to John and Troy on Blackhawks radio blackouts on their second fueling good power play, First one was successful. My stature in the box two minutes for holding. I wasn't sure whether it was going to be Kuba leak or stature could went to either one. But it's in the defensive zone. The penalty goes to stature so face off the left hand side of Jonathan Bernier. So far on the sickle feeling good power play this season eight for 18, and I'm gonna need to use my cell phone to give you the percentages because there's no way I could do that in my head. Only no comment. Yeah, just gonna say draw one by the wings. Roenick in the New York corner Redwing Zone will rip it up the right boards and downs banking and stopping the puck behind the hakken it for Adam both quests, and he'll carry it out to the line. Strong left wing center ice to the oncoming to bring it through center is to show him over the red wing line left wing side Sean the rate circle, trying to flip it on goal hit the skate in image shot, got it back in the right corner sends it behind the wing that left corner to break it. He moves that left point both Qu'est over to cane right circle. Put it down beside the Nets. Strong now shot kicks it behind the net, took it away, snaps it around. Left point to the brink of the Hawks will start again. To break it now through the deep slot things it over to the left wing boards. Well, Quist there did to break it high slot to cane top of the right wing circle. Then he'll back up to the half boards with it. But until the line deep slot, both Cuesta Kane top of the right wing circle Came to the right wing corner too strong back in the net, moves it around to the left wing half force to break it to both quest straightaway deep slot to cane in the right circle. Put it beside the net. Strom in front shot shoots and a pad say, made by burning A chance for the Hawks 48 seconds left. And both quest fires from a deep slot that's blocked in between the circles good hustling, played by strong to get the fuck back. But he said right at the Detroit Blue Line by Luke Glendening in the park. Reflects the center Ice Hawks have to regroup by some real pretty passing plays by the Blackhawks. Patrick Kane talked about the positioning of the hands. What he's talking about. There is a right handed shot a left handed shot, You could move it down too strong with a little bump play. Raid into Andrew Shaw, who's a right handed shot. That's what he's in that middle of the ice position for it in that situation, really effective movement and mark sense sooner down the left wing into the wings, so many fires, and he hit the post and ricocheted up into the protective netting. That's how close pew suitor came to scoring. His first NHL hattrick. It would have been a natural hat trick all within one period. I think this went off the butt end of the stick of burn you he was looking for the short side top corner. Fuck went up into the netting, and Blackhawks have eight seconds to go in there sick sicko, fueling good power play with some really good opportunities. Suitor and Glendenning on the draw circle to the right of Bernie, eh? And the drop of the puck. The wings will get it to Kaiser behind his net. Angles it up the left wing glass and down. This will kill off the remainder of the Hawks power play the wings come to full strength. At the park behind the Hawk net skates out with it sends it ahead for Kubelik at the Red Wing Blue line. He deflects the puck into the left wing corner in the Detroit zone, played up the board by Larkin but right to Keith, left point. Of the right circle. Yan Mark, He flings the puck in front of the wing. It slides all the way through into the near corner and Dominic. Cool leak is now going to go off here after Getting tied up with Dylan market delayed penalty here with just under a minute left in period number one of the Hawks leading to nothing. Bernie is on the wings bench. Anthony Manta will slowly carry the puck out over the center ice circle. Moving ahead now in over the hot blue line for bro, May an offside is called against the winds. So the Hawks back on the peak came here for the wings. This will be their second of the game and the seventh so far in this two game series, Kubelik,.

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