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Happy to take a few questions i think maybe we have a microphone or something you i don't know how it where xander who has a the under this one to bring this sure what is it free bold people and if you missed republicans three vaulted because we you do you need to be street you need to be my spurs between you this and it it becomes of the reader you want this is something was i think you think it again okay i think you have to que well yeah if you want cross the question mike rob what you get pick people my to okay signed i was like but at least you go six ice which has been the covers the today's top you see it is off just it is very natural after well you get really good it okay average around up or have a question and i will pick you in order off attractiveness very political nice okay what i'm i feel like it's gracias that's it today i'm going to go with it going yeah i was i like to look little little scruffy just today you know i can adam i standing anonymous fan but what is your opinion on the recent to send her outs so the tax that was implemented in boulder are you kidding me i am not oh my coach the of the moment i knew.

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