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Thank you so much for joining us this morning and this is going to be a huge blessing so do his favourite and let us know where you're coming in from. Tell us about yourself and how you got where you're at today. Well hello and good morning every one. I coach's corner podcast. This is exciting. Thank you coach. Paul for the invitation. And i love your intro. I was like all year. But it's about to go to how about to do it. yes sir. I am so grateful to be here. I am dr charlene and you know where we star is not necessarily where we're going to end right and think You i and so. Many others are such a wonderful example. Of god's grace emergency over our lives right when i was younger. There were a lot of things Happening emotionally dealing being a child of divorce parents in there. Some emotional things that come along with that Nevertheless i graduated with a one point. Seven gpa an when it was time for me to begin to talk start talking to my counselor about my future She said you know. College isn't for everyone and i was li- like what was was. What does that you know. What does that mean and so Nevertheless i got into three colleges and i ended up going morgan state university and i ended up grabbing graduating with a three point one. Gp a right Fast will word I i Became i was forty two. I'm now forty seven and things weekend to happen. Not necessarily in the order. Of god's plan for my life and i ended up although although i was happy i ended up being pregnant out of wedlock And you know things began. I decided to do things my own way. Well it feels good at the time. But you're gonna come to the end yourself and when you come to the end of yourself you gotta return like the prodigal son you're gonna Return to the father and so things. The process of returning at may not look like the life that you had. Before i was a minister i was functioning in a church. I'd left that church and pretty much There was a whole world. Open to me. And i was like. Wow these are the things. That i've.

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