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The country i meet people who are miss fairfax kids and people are starved especially young people i say no they didn't close the school five years ago go yes they did you can look that one up made a springer was a she was she was she lived in pittsburgh primarily but what she did was she got involved in the labor movement and she set the groundwork for the afl cio 's involvement in the liberation movements in africa this is very big deal there are a couple books written about her but about as with all these other women you can do almost a whole library on them that's major springer molly moon i put her in there because molly moon i was laughing say molly mona's bushy like me i met molly moon because she was the founder of the national urban league guild and you look at her i call her stealth radical because what she did was during the time we're we're trying to figure out what to call ourselves now we'd been called names that were less pleasant than this so where we colored black negro african american what we call and there was a lot of disagreement among people in the gaspara until molly moon became a bridge over that and molly moon said oh well you know african american that's very specific and that incorporates everybody not everyone totally agreed with her but that's one thing that she did the other thing that she in the forties she has her she and her husband henry lee moon who is the director of communications for the naacp there are civil rights royalty national urban league naacp they started interracial gatherings in new york city and you think well that's not the south but it's still segregated and so that's one of the things that she did and mahlangu wasn't great mentor for me fannie lou hamer sick and tired of being sick and tired we know that fannie lou hamer a sharecropper like like my grandmother my grandmother gra my grandparents had thirty five acres and you're also sharecroppers they never got their forty acres in a neil fannie lou hamer spoke passionately at the nineteen sixty four democratic convention representing the mississippi freedom democratic party and she was so powerful that lbj lyndon baines johnson called a fake news conference so that he could take attention from from her while she was she was speaking he's like who is that little woman speaking you might have said something else because lbj was a little profane base who is that woman speaking so faneuil louima's very powerful i knew she was powerful even before that because i saw her speak with same time choosing dressing a rally in lowndes county alabama and stokely carmichael who later became sacred turi was speaking and he was using language she didn't quite approval she's very fine christian lady so he kept talking so mrs hamer came up and he's like way up here and she's weighed on there and she said she said so clearly stop talk like that chatroom out i don't know they don't remember the exact words and he said yes ma'am and all i can think of ood that's a powerful woman and so she was winston and debbie hudson lived and worked in lee county mississippi a winston was active in the naacp so she had a former position but informally what they did was they they did voter registration they they did a lot of work there's a book about them called mississippi harmony you can read more about them but they represent another group of women who've worked so hard in the civil rights movement and who are unacknowledged montgomery bus boycott nine hundred fifty five fifty six why did i include.

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