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Victims are deceased. There were a fire department arrived on scene to stage with medics a regional law enforcement response was coordinated to include rescue task force. And several teams of officers went inside to locate and engaged the offender, the building is twenty nine thousand square feet. And when they located the event if under Dame gauged in gunfire with him ultimately killing him, the shooter is identified as Gary Martin. Here's a forty five year old, man. And we believe he was employees in employee of the company at this time. We aren't sure of the motive of this act of violence. We do not have the identities of the deceased, but we would like family members to know that unification for the victims and witnesses that were in the building will be at Aurora university public safety building located south lawn. All five police officers were transported to local hospitals. And from there were airlifted to Chicago area trauma centers six officers being treated for a knee injury. I want to take this opportunity to send positive energy to those officers for being treated and to the officers and Mattis who showed up from all over the state to render aid. This message is for them. Thank you for your selfless act. Thank you running towards gunfire and putting your lives in danger to protect those inside the business. My heart goes out to the victims and their families who simply went to work today. Like any other day, we offer our sincere condolences, and as the facts of this tragedy unfold, we will provide information and attempt to make sense of it. I'd like to introduce now our mayor Richard Sierra say a few words. Okay. So that was earlier today. Welcome in everybody to Marquette, Jerry. None him for Matt boo. Bala tonight. And yeah. Just another another day. Jerry, none. I know another another day, and it feels it feels wrong. It feels just off. But this is the the world that we're living in six people including the gunman passed away mass shooting this afternoon. Five officers struck by gunfire. The gunman was a fifteen year veteran of the business that he walked into where he was apparently being fired from forty five years old. The Henry Pratt. Pratt company which I had never heard of before today. I'm sure you hadn't either multiple calls at one twenty four shooting at the company six forty one Archer avenue Aurora Illinois officer show up four minutes later. Think about that. You're I understand that. That's your job. Right. You're a police officer your life can change in a matter of a moment. Right. But there it is. Hey, we have a live shooter. Where at at the Henry Pratt company. Really? Okay. Let's get over there. They're four minutes later, and they're the immediately draw fire to the first four officers who enter the building are shot. And then five officer shot over all shower within the first five minutes. So four minutes, they get the call. And and then within nine minutes, you've got five officers that have been shot and. Five workers that at five by workers who were killed two hundred people work at the plan. Nobody, you know, we don't know exactly how many people were there on Friday. Shooter comes in with a Smith and Wesson handgun he's firing shots from a window as authorities are approaching. The incident lasts one hour and thirty five minutes. And we were just hearing from. The police Commissioner. You know, Kristen Zemun who's thanking officers of the law virtue stepping in and doing their job. It's just. I as I said to Patty, I just feel like we're just we're just losing end of the day. There's no way around it. You look at the stats right now. If you go back to I mean, we could just go back. We can go back to Columbine. We can go back to sandy hook. We can go back and back and back the bottom line is that on average in this country right now there is a there's one mass shooting per day. Per day every single day. It's the phone lines are open as they always are WGN three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred and as I'm scrolling. There's there's been thirty eight mass shooting so far in two thousand nineteen while we're just getting started thirty eight. What's the date today? The fifteenth is it the fifteenth sixteenth sixteenth. Now, it's the sixteenth. I mean. Know, I don't. Nobody listen when when we come into a radio show, nobody wants to talk about this stuff. And maybe people don't want to hear it. But you have to have the conversation and we've had the conversation over and over and over again, and you don't feel like we're just not getting anywhere. Right. Well, so did you see the story out of Kentucky yesterday? Now, tell me about so. All right. Roger badesch see a story out of Kentucky yesterday. You know what I'm talking about? No, I'm sorry. I don't remember that. No, it's okay. So all right. Let's go to Kentucky. Obviously this is right here at home with Aurora, but the Kentucky gun story yesterday, which had me throwing up my hands. Was this another massive if you want to put quotes around it shooting or no here, we go. The Kentucky Senate they approved a Bill yesterday that would allow people to carry a concealed handgun get ready for it. Okay. Without a permit or training. This of course was yesterday. That's on the first anniversary of the parkland, Florida killing that that was seventeen students and staff members at a high school which was a year ago yesterday. And then, you know, you've got the Republican led Senate voted to Bruce Senate Bill one fifty on a twenty nine to eight vote in Santa to GOP led house. Okay. So the Bill pushed by the NRA would allow people age twenty one or older who are able to lawfully possess a firearm to carry concealed firearms or other concealed deadly weapons without a license in the same location as people with ballots issued licenses so they're just you know, they're just making it easier. After school in Kentucky. Now, right. You're southern guy. Yeah. Tennessee. There's like signs everywhere. Don't bring a gun in the church because everyone has a gun. We just don't. I mean, how how does how do we wrap we have one mass shooting every day, and we're making it at least in some states easier to at least they did yesterday in Kentucky. That's what they're voting on to conceal a weapon. I just I can't wrap my arms around Mark. Just just to fine. Tune that story so carrying openly carrying a gun in Kentucky was already the law. You could do it without a license or training. Right. But once you cover up that weapon. Yeah. Then it becomes illegal, then it becomes legal. So this this legislation kinda took care of that little tidbit at so now, you can do it right there. Their whole thing was like why why are we making it illegal to wear a coat should be aware coat? Yeah. I just like it's not a rational way of thinking. And so here's the thing to the majority of Americans the majority of people in this world, they want stricter gun control. And I I know that there's people out there saying right now. Not the gun is not the problem. Yeah. I got to be able to protect my son. Listen. So someone's calling in about right now right now, I know there are there. And I just don't understand I'm willing. You can you can have the conversation. I just I just don't understand how anybody wants to fly that flag. What what for? My grandma Rosie got to be able to have her gun as if somebody broke into grammar Rosie's apartment that she would be able to reach under her bed or reach in her drawer and find her gun in time to take out some intruder. Yeah. Or she's going to be walking down the street. I mean, come on. I mean, mama and Tennessee has a big shotgun and the house, and I was like why do we have these big guns in the house, and she's like, well, they don't have shells on them. Like, why do you have the gun? But she just wants to scare people. And the other thing is for the record. Just just let's be clear here. No one's trying to take your gun away. What we are trying to do is make it much more difficult for you to get a gun. Just like you have to pass tests to be to get your driver's license. Yeah. Just like there. There are certain rules, basically for anything in the world gun laws should be ten times. A strict you shouldn't have any mental health illnesses that are have been documented in your path. You shouldn't have been if you went to prison, you're not chance you should be able to get a logical things. Yeah. Why is this so difficult? I mean, I couldn't even pass my emissions tests today this morning. Right. Right. Right. I mean, it was so hard and I have a new car, right? Right. And so, you know, here we got here, we have NC and people. We also live in this world. And I'm as guilty as anyone, but if it doesn't happen to you. If it's not in your close circle if it's not a family member, right? Then basically it didn't happen. Like, the news is the news because they until it hits home with them. They don't react right until someone shot her family. I mean, I read one of the comments that I saw today. Bob Gonzalez, the president of the school board of the nearby west Aurora school district one twenty nine he lives and works in what he estimated was fifty feet from. The Henry Pratt company is twin four-year-old grandchildren were in his home upstairs. He was talking with a client and state farm office downstairs when they heard the sirens and the squad cars flying by. Okay. I was a fire. But then more and more police keep coming than he news more. And then as quote, and Bob is like I've been literally everybody, it's kind of unsettling. It just makes me wonder here the door to my office, always unlocked. They see my clients come in my clients. But it makes me wonder whether now I should have some kind of lock that I can lock from the inside and keep my door. Locked at all times. It's very scary cap. That's what you with active shooters you're supposed to hide behind a locked door because they won't usually go through that door right after hide somewhere not supposed to run. There's like a lot of rules. I mean, all the train training every building downtown. I mean, I had to go through training and learn about it, you know, and and good. I'm glad they do. Yeah. Because I feel a little more prepared and I'll be able to handle the situation, and that's the reality. Like you need to get prepared. I've seen Bob continues. One more quote from I've seen it on the news happening someplace else, but never here in Aurora..

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