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New warning for saint clair county coming out as well that is a hunter i'm not getting that warning at the current time but we saint clair county it's until nine fifteen pm right now and so the particular area is all associated with that same thunderstorm that was that hill producer because this may be a help producer it's a for northeastern saint clair county until nine fifteen just about two minutes ago the thunderstorm messier thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado was located around asheville i believe chip scarborough is is close to ashville right now it's about ten miles east of springville and it's moving east at forty miles per hour so that's the new tornado warnings so there's ashville right now up fifty nine so right in between ana and ragland that's where we have the new tornado warnings so that's northern saint clair county right now all right thank you harmony appreciate that and that's the one warning for that one the storm there and you're right ship scarborough should be very close and we also have the report that there might be based on velocity data nasty tornado north of jacksonville he cal home county so we're looking for ground truth from that don't have any so far but an h case the radar is indicating rotation and the possibility with that all right now we have this tornado debris with that and a velocity drop at times media police hit this one hard to things here two things are supposed to hit hard ones the nasty tornado north of jacksonville calhoun county based of velocity data with the radar the other one is another tornado crossing i fifty nine south of asheville both things are being said with a great deal of confidence the one based on well they're both based on velocity data's about the from the radar but when you hear media please hit this one hard it makes you wanna hit it hard because you don't want people to be in danger.

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