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Sprint one today. Bracing your twenty dollars a month. Credit applied within two bills for new customers. Credit new line of service, our existing customers. Ineligible. Cancel minute Johnston. TD ship snakes coverage and offer not available with a tax credit and thirty dollars to be restrictions apply. It. Oh, those blink motion activated security cameras. Yeah. Hoped would go on sale. Just did is the blink black Friday cyber Monday sale with huge savings now through Monday. Blink cameras are motion activated when they detect someone snooping around you get an alert on your smartphone with an HD clip and blinks live feed option. Let your monitor your home pets and package deliveries. Visit blinkprotect dot com slash radio. That's blinkprotect dot com slash radio or hit Amazon and search blink camera. It's time to make the switch. I am. Hi, it's Craig Allen. And I'm getting set up with Optimus brand new all tees one. And I couldn't be happier. I depend on technology for work, and I need the incredibly fast internet speed. But what I'm also looking forward to from all tees one is the state of the art all in one connected entertainment experience from optimum two hundred twenty channels, and I could search just by asking with a voice activated remote control all tees. One combines the latest technology to bring together live TV light. Fast internet, streaming apps like YouTube, plus built in wifi for connectivity in every room of your home. No, modem, no, router, and most importantly, no more clutter. If you're stuck in a contract optimum will help you out for up to five hundred dollars. Call eight seven seven six optimum or visit optimum dot com to get all tees one today. It's a forty percent better. Whole home wifi experience offer for new residential customers taxes fees and restrictions apply. Not available in all areas. See Optima dot com for details..

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