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Do with with this restorative justice model that they've they've implemented it at north lonsdale prep do we know that those that that restorative justice and peer to peer empathy based training works the evidence is already there and we also know that background checks and many of the other gun policy proposals that are up right now we know that they work we know we're out of time i just want to ask you really quickly it's been suggested most notably by the students from parkland that it's time for us to stop reporting the names of the shooter's that that's aggravating the situation what are your thoughts on that i think we should expose them the people need to know who is the cause behind the affect you know china brushing under the world y'all been doing it for so many years and having gotten us anywhere you know so not standing name is basically you kinda taken up for you know they need to be exposed they need this is what you did and you have to take the fall for it my heart is we i agree i think it's more important than we talk about the victims you try to find out what brought them to this point we you can't learn if you're hiding it if you're not looking into it it breaks my heart that we as adults are letting you kids down because really we can't solve this problem they're telling us what to do and no one's doing anything so what is our next step what do we do part of the peace where we like to attack the internal violence before it gets to the external violence so we talked to them about well why why would you some type of way what was the main cause because there's always a route to the 'cause you know in a lot of people said realize that you no one no one wakes up one day and decides going to shoot up a school without having the actual reason you know when people fail to realize they just say oh you saw the school just because but as peace waves we don't attack the person we attacked the force that causes that so we we more so focused on the internal violence before the x you are an amazing human being do you know that thank you you really are her name is audrey right i'm sure we'll see her running a city or country you're really great at this she has peace warriors going on at north lonsdale college prep is there more is there a place we can send people to find out about peace warriors is there some way that other kids at other schools can start something similar we actually had partnerships around the city of chicago with different high schools and middle schools we have a program that's getting ready to start up next month where we actually will be sending peace worries around the city of chicago to train different groups trained different high schools but i mean if someone wants to find more about peace where they can come to our school that's where the action happens it so they could talk to me or they could talk to mr gerald smith no website though audrey not as audrey and her team are very involved in march for our lives and and the larger organizing group so if anybody reaches out to march for lives that in chicago they will eventually connect with audrey and many folks like march file absa cargo brave face vajna we have a lot of good yeah great and phil i know we had you on today because of the laurie dann shooting but please come and visit us when we have more time and we can discuss this again we'd really love that to happen i look forward to it thank you so much good luck to you audrey audrey right from northland college prep and fell andrew director of violence prevention initiatives for the archdiocese of chicago thank you so much and good luck in your in your fight thank you it's bill leff it's wendy snyder at seven twenty wgn i want to talk about.

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