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Hey there and welcome to another episode of the strong by designed podcast show. This is your host coach. Chris wilson and i have the luxury of hosting another strong by design episode. I feel like doing a lot of these lightly. But you know here. It's strong design. We take turns Coach tanya does episodes Michael episodes even once in a while. We have Samantha do one. And that's what makes it so much fun is that we all bring something different to the show and with the guests that were able to connect with and the conversations were able to have. But i'm so happy to have this guest today who you'll get to me in just a second but before we get to. Who joe is i want to. Just thank you so much for choosing our show. It really means a lot. I try to say this in every episode at some point that you've chosen our show with hundreds of thousands of options out there There's a there are a lot of great podcasts out there we understand that But we do feel like we're one of them and we just feel so So thrilled that you've found our show and you are continuing to listen to us on a weekly basis so thank you so much and if you take a moment after you've listened to this episode just click that five star rating and review for us Really helps us You know to be more visible and move up in the rankings. So that other people can find our show so we thank you so much for that and now our guest today. This is a transformation co. Coach so i mean he is right in our wheelhouse if you want to transform yourself body spirit and everything else This is a go. Go-to guy is a great is on amazing transformation which i want you to hear more about in just a minute. Our guest today is joe bernstein and he has been around the block. He's helping people in all walks of life in their professional life in their relationships He's helping people to get through things maybe difficult situations. He's like a life coach and he is doing wonderful things In in the world. And i really am so happy to have him on the other side of this conversation because i'm curious to know more about him and his back story so jo. I welcome to strong by design. Thanks for having me chris. I appreciate it. And i appreciate you start up so if gratitude to listeners that to me is amazing that people are offering time energy and attention.

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