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Don't know what you don't know. You. Don't know when you're looking at what you presume to be or assumed to be a dream job. What that actually is what it feels like what the sacrifices are, what the costs are what you see generally when you're looking at dream job than other people is the highlight reel you see the instagram feed you see. Fast Company article about successes. You don't see the behind the scenes and you don't know the person you don't know their motivation. Their dreams, their desires, what matters to them? She word his values. You don't know what they value and so what I've learned just again in life. Is that. Experience is the best teacher that does not mean. You have to go out and get fifty job, right? You still use wisdom. You still take advantage of the input that you have about your still your education what you enjoy, but there's some things you learn until you do and so I encourage a spirit of experimentation, or if you're Disney Fan, and you've seen Moana the idea of way finding right that you're not gonNa have a clear particularly in this economy in this world. I think we're seeing that right now. With the pandemic nothing is guaranteed. There is known yellow brick road anymore if there ever was one. One and so the idea that you can talk and plan and think your way into your dream like it's just unrealistic, because the world is so unpredictable, what you have to do is take steps and then put your finger up. Check the wind like Moana dead. Right and see what's happening. And how am I feeling? Where am I going in constantly making little pivot and evaluating the realities and gaining what he can along the way, and I think that's how you end up in the life that you want which ultimately, and this is the mind-blowing part for me. It may be different than what you think you want today. You only gain that perspective, not insight into what a new dream for yourself could be by living by experimenting and by doing so we're going to talk a little bit about your advice to be story smart, but I wanted to talk chest a little more about this pandemic, because I wonder understanding that this is a very tough time for a lot of people. Obviously, there are people suffering, and clearly we are losing. Losing a lot of people however is it possible for those of us who come through the other end of the crisis that this is an opportunity to think about exactly what you're describing to imagine a completely different life for yourself I mean just because the way finding people may have been on the same path that's leading them in the direction for ten years, and maybe this is a moment to step off. Off absolutely you always have to caveat by saying neither difficult difficult times that I'm not the kind of person that says Oh. This happened because or this happened so that something positive happen I. Don't believe that go instead of opportunity. I like to say crisis create space, and you can use that base. However you choose, and I think that this crisis has created the largest amount of space I've ever seen in. In my lifetime for that kind of rethinking, reimagining whether it is I, think people are reimagining again. Certainly what they're work. Life looks like, but also what they're replaced. Balanced looks like. If you believe in that phrase, also what relationship look like what matters most to them, their relationship with technology I mean this is a time when you really can rethink everything that matters to you and the design of your life. And so as it pertains to your career like we said in the beginning of this conversation I'm just going to happen whether you want them to or not, right, the economy is going to be radically different. When we all go back to work. Some of the job won't even be there anymore. Some jobs will have changed so that is just a fact, but regardless of whether what was before remained. This is. Is An opportunity in a moment when we can think about. How do we WANNA live? When we come on in the you WanNa live the same length who were living before and and the answer to? Maybe you know what I liked the way life was, but for those who are looking and saying I've always wanted to XYZ or I didn't know what was wrong, but I knew something didn't feel right. This is the time to explore. This is the time to ask yourself. Questions and kind face the future, and it's a good way to also face issues. You're left with fear. This is a scary time, right? It can be a lot of being a variety about not knowing what tomorrow holds, and I think using this as a moment to reimagined and to dream, and to plan for something new is a way to balance that fear and anxiety hope Erica before we talk about what it means to be story smart. We're GONNA take a short break and we'll be right back. If you find yourself struggling to navigate uncertain career transitions. You're going to want to add the boss up.

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