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Gonna be in Seoul, so find a way to get way went to Salt Lake City. And it was five of us had a Cadillac. Putting a doghouse training wouldn't treat him just like a doghouse and had all the gear in it, and the five of us would drive And so we get to Ah, We left Portland and we went to what I say. I'm Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City, So we played two Blackhawk club there and we became a hit there. We're gonna take a short pause and listen. That was just the beginning. He became a hit in Salt Lake City. But It was non stop after. I mean, it was an interesting journey, which will continue with my special guest. Sunny Charles from celebrity Table, 30 religion, Very bootlegger Italian bistro. It's breaking bread with Bono will be right back. Return to Las Vegas had legendary bootlegger Italian scrolling just a mobile in Las Vegas. It's the legendary bootlegger Italian bistro, where celebrities and locals gather. Open, 24 7 It's true Vegas baby since 1949 k d. W N. Where locals come to talk. From the entertainment capital of the world, lost Vega's and the legendary liger Italian bistro on the South Strip. It's breaking bread with Bobo. So now let's wine and dine with Dennis and today's special guest from some Liberty table Dirty. He used dead is Moto. Hi. I'm Dennis Bono. And welcome back to another. I guess I used the word episode. I've got to find another word to use besides episode, but another episode of breaking bread with Bono from Celebrity Table 30 the legendary bootlegger Italian bistro in the entertainment capital of the world, and I use that term loosely right now. With my very, very special guests. The bootlegger time Bistro Celebrity Table 30 in Las Vegas. My dear friend, I truly believe is the finest male singer in the business And certainly in this town Since since I've arrived. I've been mesmerized with his charm, His voice and his energy. I'm speaking of the legendary Sonny Charles. Sonny. Good to have you back. Well, well, thank you so much for having me here, Dennis. Well, what What? Antrel? I truly believed I feel like I need to leave the room and come back in and get this is your life. You great teacher, ladies and gentlemen. Um, no, but I truly believe that and.

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