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I'm lucky no because it's interesting to me how you got kinda roped into you know that there's like a dinner time conversation. That somewhere went fucked up that he's like we're going sell 'em when you're like oh shit itself funny because i actually pushed him for a number of years to do his buddy was like because i have my own company i i've had it for five years really successful. I own it with my best friend. And so we know the logistics. I we know all the web sites stuff. We know how to work how to navigate it. We know customer service. We just know. All that. And i kept telling him you are a mile ahead of anybody else because i already have all your logistics figured out already. Have your customers. You don't have to be so right about that. Yeah i'm like your miles ahead of this. I'm like do it so when he was protecting a wealthy person for a number of years and when he decided way yeah. Well i mean you you get caught in that job in a pays will write you comfortable and it kind of takes away your ambition. I guess you mean you. Don't take the david coggins approach like you have to be like uncomfortable. Twenty four seven. I know my learning dave gaga. I went to your. Aws courses the most miserable thing. I've ever went through my life. I was pissing myself at the end. So he was. He was a gnarly fricking Ah trade predict uncomfortable constantly. If you're not miserable you're not growing yeah. It's like an end knockout. Good everybody always asks me about jaakko. And andy like do i listen to their shows like india priscilla. They have great shows. I'm not super involved with them. And i don't like listen to their shows because i can't take all the screaming it's too intense like it's i i feel like if i didn't brush my teeth away. They say like. I'm in trouble i. I'm looking in the mirror. I was with chocolate last year in the teams in the tough son of a bitch. I mean i always. I trained with him. A lot of years to both train would under dean lister and Did some stuff you got. The you got his black belt. Did you get from or did you get one or no. no. I only did yogi. Dobley dabbled but no. I trained a lot. I got most of my belt under bear yoshida so So frigging but anyways. I always had a really good relationship with with jaakko and at brad cavernous funeral comes up. We're all getting hammered right and this big do comes walking up and down. It's like who's that guy. He's a pitcher water. Like comes up to a little kid. He's like which drink their coq. That's a lot of high. Does corn corn ever.

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