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You've see vegas thirty-three is also going down tomorrow. We are down to eleven fights. We lost two more fights today i lost nico montano versus yunan. Woo because niko montagna. Miss by seven pounds for a bantamweight fight real quick without he did the commission. Cancel it or did. The opponent not accepted. I just out of curiosity. I don't think the commission would allow that. Okay just wonder so that fights off we also found out that rani lawrence versus trevon jones is off as well ronnie lawrence from what i was told via his manager matt waibel from first round management ronnie stepped on the scale in his room made weight was on his way down to weigh in and his whole body just started crapping to the point where you could walk anymore so you sent to the hospital. He's he's doing better. And that's why that fight is no longer happening. So i wish the best for him. Trevor jones. what string a bad luck. It has been for this guy. It's just been crazy like different. Opponents shuffle ups. Just has you have see careers. Been very interesting. Thus far in two thousand twenty one from the team more value of win to getting they the the win overturned do no contest because marijuana which is now okay in nevada. It's just just a wild run. So hopefully he gets rebooked sooner rather than later and we could see him fight because second round trip and jones is a bad bad man so down to eleven fights. Let's start at this event. Get your riot. Hall versus sean strickland. Good match-up i think it's it's fine. Fight it's the fight that should be made at this point especially after what happened with your versus wiedeman. All wanted to get back on the horse quickly. And he gets sean strickland innovative spot. So where would you gauge your excitement levels for this fight. Jose you're hauled versus sean strickland. Five potential rounds of middleweight action. On a scale of one to ten six seven. Like i like all the fighter. He's not a very i mean. No that's not fair. He's been a lot better with the media in in recent memory. Your interview with him was one of the better ones that i've just in general about the Mental health of fighters so the fact that he has been one of the proponents of mental health in combat. Sports and as everyone knows that seems to be prevalent in the world of sports right. Now we don't have to get into it because no one cares about our opinions on on an of about what's happening there but so you're hong side of the sea fight. He's been talking about. Fighting israel is tanya for a very long time and he's got me into at least interested in that fight it's bomber. He didn't get to fight romero. Jacques ray wasn't his fault. Both volumes opponents fell out. And then i feel bad that he really gets have showcase against chris widened because that fight what lasted maybe thirty seconds. If that is the first fighter newsy history to win a fire without throwing a single punch. So i'm curious how he looks because we keep hearing. This is the new and improved your hall since joining four seven may but we haven't had a lot of opportunities to see that Sti he knocked out anderson silva and silva's on the wrong side of forty but then he went and peace. Julio cesar chavez junior So bad that performance in anderson's performance in his boxing match makes your eye halls win that much more impressive. I know a lot of people were like off. How well will that age. I think it's actually age pretty well. And then i've picked sean strickland lose. I think his last three fights three four five six wrong and every single woman brandon allen. I think is no jokers chocolate. No joke jack. Marsh man has had more fistfights than almost anyone at one hundred and eighty five pounds. And sean strickland has not broken a sweat in any of those so six. I guess i'm surprised it's fight. It's happening. I thought i would have a bigger name ford. But if he just wanted a quick turnaround another paycheck and five rounders belt all power to the man. Sean strickland i think is a care. Charismatic not the word talks a lot instagram. Is i guess some people find it interesting. I personally don't but talks a lot during a fight. And i think sean strickland fighting in an apex is one of the few fighters that i would prefer seeing him. Fight in front of no one than thirty thousand people because you can see. That do doesn't stop talking guitar time. Even talk to the commentary even talks to his opponents coaches even talks to the people working the you have c. events so keep him in front of nobody because i wanna hear what he says so but this is a really good komen event for balladur to sixty three that. That's that's a great way of looking at this. Who needs this. One more. Ak i mean. I don't know if we're talking about like next title challengers coming out of this one but you know we get two guys different paths right now. I mean they're rankings. Wise they're neck and neck but you're hall has been since he was on the ultimate fighter. This was the guy like. he's a future title challenger. He's gotta be john strickland. If you want to keep that. Monica right and then for sean. He's just he's looked great since going back up to one eighty five so who needs us one more in your opinion to the first question that us. Jose this is level of excitement. Nine nine see what i did there. Nine swear of no guys for this fight. But what did you main event. What did you give week's main event. What is it asks me. Dumb diller t. j. dillashaw ten out of ten so this is only. This is only ten percent less exciting. Just below okay. Chugging mega go. Higher than ten for dylan sean. Sending i would have gone higher than i want higher than ten eleven th works i can't cannot do but and does it in the united states i don't know about the metrics we don't have we can't we can't do in love i. The riot hall story will never be passing for me the bizarre arc of his career kind of ties into a question he just presented. But sean Flights since while always. But i mean definitely one five super exciting without a weight cut. He has all his energy. He's nonstop fighting nonstop talking. It's he's he's going to be super aggressive. We know you're hall. Is this amazingly patient. Counterfeiter rates explode at any moment. It's it's a great contrast. And i don't think i'm got to being very optimistic. I don't think we get one of those like staring. Contests i do. Think sean strickland will will push the pace. Which could lead to a spectacular finish could lead to a good back and forth fight. I don't know so. I do think that your hall needs the win more. He's a bit older I don't know how this and it just feels like to me. This is the run like this one st four. We have success as big as before when he beat with us on the first time they fought and and yes kinda teased us. You know we have these moments. Where like okay. He looks like contender now. But this feels like a real run of sustained success if feels like he's at peace with his with with being a ufc fighter with having to deal with the meeting with all this like the most he has been ever since he's come up to this to this level. I'm really a believer Some sort offic way pick here. But not just who i think will win but i do think he needs the wind. More sean strickland has almost been found money for the oc. He's he's just becomes contender out at one five almost out of nowhere. I don't know if they expected it way just came up kicking us. Just just knocking off. People left in the writings. Exciting fights so i think there's a lot of time for him to lose one and then start another run you ryan hall. If he doesn't get passed on this at least for me. This might be the last time. I say that. I'm very confident that he is a guy who would fight for the for. Uc cto casey. Right now the betting lines have sean strickland minus two hundred and the comeback on your ihop plus one seventy degree with those lines and with those.

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