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None in them niggers involved with my music. Thanks so much. Appreciate it. Goodbye. Oh, no. So she gets off of the album, but allegedly sensitive funk flakes to play, and I'm assuming it's because now Zonta that she was really excited which would explain why she was so pressed to get the she cleared in the first one. Okay. Don't understand why it's actually say like it had like a feature from like one of the most iconic like she was hyping the song. I mean. Yes. But that I still can't believe funk. Flex will play that on hot ninety seven like Donald buddy listened to. Nobody. But I'm trying to understand why after being told that no you can't right? I mean what he anyway, this is he played it poor decisions. Obviously a ten year old today knows how to rib audio from the radio and position on tumbler. So it made its around somehow. I'm sure if you want to go and find it at the moment somewhere, and so MS Tracy wants her things. Suing for copyright and Frenchman, when are you then filed in US district court in calif- TRM? Like monetary damages and they're also blocking Nicki Menaj from doing anything further with this. I mean, I'm sure she wishes the song never even existed this point. I'm sure also that at some point. This will all go away. Because if you will settle right what she has to. I'm just confused like couldn't this have just gone up on soundcloud or something some free platform like hits you sample. I feel like the issue with sampling has always been you need to get clearance. If you wanted then turn around and make any money off that try. No, no, not that simple. Okay. No, no, copyright infringement is just girl. I don't want you to use my things. Oh, well, never mind. It isn't just like you're making money off of it. It's it really can be very complicated. Okay. You know what I'm saying? And I'm assuming because she had to do while I'm going to say she had to, but because Nikki did that whole thing with like, oh, I'm trying to find trades jet. We're trying to get in touch with threes Chapman, and Tracy actually saying no and making shortest sue on top of that this lady for whatever reason was completely decided in the fact that she did not want her music affiliated with Nicki Menaj as she has a right. The same way if in the future somebody wants to have a wanna Nikki songs and says bitch. I don't want you use them. I shit it on matter if they put on their album or not they can't just stand the rate the song to whoever and let people listened to it. Anyway, because that means that anybody can then take that song and put it on their device elicited whenever they want. Somebody else can take it in sampling somebody you know, what I mean like, I don't want you use them. I should either. I want anybody hearing you attempting to sing you. Okay here. You got you. You know? You know? I mean, I don't know the difference in in money. What it could look like in terms of the lawsuit. Since she didn't actually make any money from it. But I know that a lawsuit is very much. Reasonable and she will more than likely win cry. So if I was thinking it'll be calling flex and hot in any seven leg y'all putting in on this. I'm putting y'all paying at least sixty percent of this..

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