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Hugh mostly attorney guy nights of summer nights of some are nights serves some know he's not out there fighting wars in the books he is sent into battle and his grievously wounded uh so often does while that said in the show he's good but he's not i think john would fall come up and i think everybody else would for came up that we do we meant so those are the best fighters at this point in time special mention now to hinder jimmy lancaster different ballgame is he no he might be number one i think he might vault to the very top of the list i mean i know bryanne beat him at the same time he was tied up for a year not really stretching in jail at next drago i know he that's a western coast guy but still let's let's just mentioned the drago never lost of literary never lost a fight and answer arthur dane sorta more and more sollozzo there does your fighters guests amazing okay you cannot yell at us about the ranking media will revisit that we probably in a in a little while i jason you'd think the being tormented since birth would give you some sympathy for the afflicted but apparently not yet so teach you some humility give you a runway for that mockery let's head to the cept bathed in the light of the seven beshir seven of our favorite insights and observations from this episode lightning round style you go i number one ogrin's helper as he's prepared for the fight pottering's blades pies franken mountain foreshadowing as we all know the mountain will die from the but will live again number two ramsey yeah says to fee on to ready.

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