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And it's us the lady gang and two chicks in the office. And so we're out of podcast table. The lady has said we did not win two chicks office. We'd inhere anything. So then we're like, okay. So it's one of us like it's one of the us. So then I'm like really thinking like Becca like, let's have some thoughts scanning the room for Schumer. And she was nowhere to be there. Probably would have been at our table with other. Seats. If you came in. And it's like you guys the lady gang to ticks at the office Oprah on affairs. That would be all thing so Tanya, so the whole time Tania's kinda sitting behind me. And all of a sudden I'll fill was for my ear. Should we mentioned the fires? I'm like. It's so sad. Because I was like my heart was so happy on Sunday. Like, my mom was like, my mom was there as my date like my heart was just so happy for being there. But then I was so sad because of all the devastation. Yeah. Aside from the fires the shooting, and like I just it's been really really like it's been a sad. Weekday actually was worried. They were gonna cancel it because they can't at lot of premieres. Yeah. So then I kept thinking like, and it was in Santa Monica, which people listening in another state Santa Monica touches, Malibu Malibu evacuate. Yeah. And so I'm like, I feel like we should mention something. You know? I totally agree. And it was just like literally every five every time. Should we? Thank god. We. Yeah. Like thank Collette like whenever you get up. There gonna be click if it even happen. So just say like, you know, it's really bittersweet being here celebrating and being excited about this. When everything that's going on outside this room. We can't forget to thank everybody works. The name everybody. But Tanya, I I have to get in your head from it. So Victoria Beckham onstage and Melissa McCarthy. And John legend. Uh-huh. And Rita ORA. And you're like, I think we're going up there at this point. I didn't think I still don't think we're gonna be on the stage. But I thought they were gonna like maybe film something during commercials, and like do you know what I mean? Like, I thought something was going to like it was. Yeah. Because we were all sitting together, and they kept putting the camera on our the other. How should I put this lesser categories? Like the defames dog was that on stage at all. Nope. Or lifing if they're having people vote for these don't you want to give the people who voted who clearly care about them, some sort of payoff. Well, that's what when the girl said something to Tony. That's what 'cause I'm watching. It's like meal kunas accepts the first award. I'm like, there's no way. Yeah. Yeah. We're not going on stage. We in the wrong place. I would have thought they would have done in an earlier telecast. And then just put it on the like are just like the name of the podcast, like not like whatever that dog the podcast and this during a commercial break, I would've loved nothing more. If you guys are right now. Next to the dog was the winning dog. I don't know talking. My all I find that. So at this when I'm a little saucy Tania's. Normally the ton is normally the positive one. And I'm the one that's having to kind of be like it's like, it's like we. I think we want like well because the events over weight what's his name Darren curse comes on. This is the final award of the night. I'm like, this is not gonna be the podcast award. Tobin goes, you guys are doing the pup podcast next doing all everybody. You should have seen everybody at the table gets their lip gloss. Cowdery? Fad and pain. She goes, I was lying. I was like that some bears thing. Yes. So Darren criss comes up. He's a final war over to the night for biggest movie two thousand eighteen like. Livin critic announcing and they're in curse goes think. Everyone have great night..

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