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On the monday morning when we came into work through the day we walked not smoke cloud get bigger and then we came out in the afternoons try to find some of the flames very so relentless work in a way for everyone involved from the mountain rescue to the to the pete rangers and volunteers hours it's been amazing what we were doing to actually stop the fire helicopters were bombing this fire edge with water there was bows is brought by the rangers and the gamekeepers and mountain rescue which sprayed on the people refi basis just beating out dave i know you've been absolutely rush off your feet for the last week so we'll go and get on with the rest of your day i know you've got to do afternoon getting these fires under control has been extremely difficult firefighters the army an hundreds of years have been working night and day to try and put them out including the gamekeeper's who work around here i've come to me richard bailey from the peak district mulan great which represents the interests of the shooting and gabe keeping community and he's he's very strange looking vehicle appear on the moors i'm just gonna claim climbing and join you this is a this is what they call a fogo this is an odd to the vehicle the fogging unit is the water tank on the back which carries about two hundred and fifty three hundred league supporter motor on on a pressurized hose which we use firefighting it looks like a big an extremely butch golf boogie really you can have a lot of manpower there and maybe not achieve a lot but what you need specialist kit like this on the helicopters have been giving support that is what will put this pete far apart from rain gamekeepers you burn moore's professionally some people have argued that it is precisely the way the mall is managed that has meant that these more fires they summer have been so bad how do you respond to that totally opponent opposites to that we are restricted by not lincoln and dafur by manage the malls you know we can't just willy nilly so to speak we would like to say better firebreaks putting in you know peatland restoration which is going on at the moment is very good but given the this dry weather whatever you have you can't say you could have stopped it but if i was managing a different ways that it was wetter surely the fire wouldn't passage i've seen fire going crosstalk vegetation on completely southern ground so that's not the case okay let's jump out your wait and see how it works.

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