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Give him try to force his leash on everybody else and when he gets mad like a whoopsie because I mean they're like his comments on Twitter or something as like him. I'm not supposed to be nice to him. Paul, I'm not trying to be discharged you, but he's disrespected you and this show so many times if you speak to women and racist sexist things out here, how do you focus on your perspective. Both know that don't do your book by its cover if you get to know it. That's fair. Okay, I was just curious. I mean, you've answered very much. I never disrespect you, but I feel like. I want to make it clear. I'm not sitting Jim's his own entity. I'm just, I'm just a talk show host. He is. I mean, if you can say whatever you want about him. And I don't know why it matters to him, but it seems like it does. One question I'm going to ask you Paul. What do you think? And what do this year against ultimate shutdown? I believe we're going to assume that the core position has made. I don't agree. I think Matt carrell and all this as long as Matt carrell is healthy, you know, I don't know where his status is. But I think you're severely underestimating his ability. I don't understand, but it's actually might not play in their banged up pretty bad. Well, okay. Hey, thanks for the call. Appreciate it. You take care of yourself. Let's go to Robert, who is in Tennessee. Hey Robert, good afternoon. Hey. Paul is first time caller, multi listener. I'm a diehard SEC fan. But I have a thought that maybe I'm read too much into it, but, you know, and it all miss gang, they had as Tennessee was driving in their hurry up and there were I think 9 players that got injured during those drives. Right. It's saying the same thing happened with Kentucky. And I'm going is this am I reading this ride or is this a real problem, now I'm not for putting in rules, but is it something that maybe looked at by the NCAA, your opinion? Where are you at on this? Yeah, I think it's an issue, but I don't know how you can really look at it, objectively, because you don't know if you look at it. You need to study it. I do think there's a lot of this here. I hate to run unfortunately up against a break here, but I think it's a great question. And we will have more on that. We're live in Knoxville our.

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