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Uh you also have general mattis as the secretary of defense general mcmaster uh in the national security those these are people who are used to disciplined it's interesting that you're getting a civilian regime that is run by people who learned from from disciplined in the military i want to ask you about neoliberalism isn't it in terminal crisis or is it just experiencing evolution right now we are i think the question of the liberal international order which was created by harry truman dwight eisenhower and authors seventy years ago that was called into question by donald trump the campaign was also called into question by many people who said that uh populism who isn't just a phenomenon of child but also with brexit in britain and elsewhere so yeah it's under threat but it's it's not over mainly uh we still do have an international trading system though we may see see now well that will survive we also have a degree of stability of the international monetary system so it's not over but the being shake it a bit and professor last few about breaks these are just a second given that you coined the the term soft power how whose trump's first year in power affect america's soft power around the world where surf powers the ability to get what you want through a traction rather than coercion or pay but and if you look at the public opinion polls you'll see that attraction of the ice age has gone down around the whole world it's uh person trump has been very bad for american soft power what's more is budget which he calls a hard power budget or budget director mick mulvaney calls it that cuts about a third of the resources that was scheduled foresaw power issues in the state department did us aid and so forth so it's not surprising that american.

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