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But we're back with a JAM packed morning edition. Were put in that work. And if you're just tuning into the livestream don't forget to hit that thumbs up. And as we've scheduled three morning interviews for you. We got Albert Bell. Who's going to be fighting on showtime in a few days? Then we have flabbier Rodriguez who fights on showtime did this weekend and we have new American Heavyweight Decor Re Scott Aka Mack truck. But we're here today to discuss Liam Williams a guy we've been following and Dimitrius hundred a guy that the public has been wanting to get in a big time fight now. This isn't that did order it and we will get it. They Muss I guess. Be Done with negotiations within ninety to one hundred and twenty days but I do want to say it is a real fight for Dimitri Sandra. I know that we may not agree on that. And we'll get into it in detail after our Cosa introductions but I think this is a good fight for. Andre isn't the best but it's the best of what's left if that makes any sense at all but let me head on out to Corpus Christi Texas. Mario Mongia would do good morning radio. What is up? What is up? Yeah man you could've said it better It it isn't the fight that we've that people that appreciate andrade skills are hoping for or were hoping for but at the same time It is what it is. It's what's left I think it's an interesting match up I think they match up well. I think it'll be an interesting fight. you know. I'll I'll look for a look for boo boo to do something impressive in this fight to make it count on some level and that's going to be up to him to rise the Cajun but What is up my speak? It believe it receivers speak it. Believe a receive speaker believer receive at Nova speaking with a COP DOT COM. Your no Yo. Yo because everybody out there in the universe back with another man I got in a little bit different. Take on this being. Williams is the probably the most difficult or curb name on the beaches. Andrei record knows going through Andres record you haven't seen him face anybody at my opinion as WHO's the look as good as Liam Williams I know he. He lost the novacopy years back but every he moved up to one. Sixty heat has been destroying guy from my guy to my Guy Mikhael Mikhail Fox or was it. His brother Alana's five for sure. So it is what it is. I think this is going to be a good fight in which is Andrei my half problems. I could definitely see him having problems. Especially when it took so long to get rid of Luquillo Keila you know could be said in the same sentence with Williams. But I think it's going to be difficult for boxing fans get over the fact that this guy's lost twice to Liam Smith who was knocked out by and loss to Hymie Mongia and at the end of the day Liam Williams biggest. Win Is Alana's Fox. Come again Harrys. Not a bit of winning Fox Nah Well I mean it's arguable. I don't really know areas as big as when Luke Ulaby Eris. Nope not a not a limb limb Williams okay. Okay yeah so Williams I mean look again. Alana's Fox is the biggest name all these other names are domestic. Craig Nicholson Mark. Heff Ron Joe Melendez. Those are domestic names. He got lucky that he was putting in a title. Eliminator widow Lantis Fox. I mean Liam Williams is the number seven getting shot at the frigging champion when you got the number one in high me right there available. This is a weird situation. Not only did they make him doing eliminate with Fox instead of Mongolia but they're also skipping over Mongia for the title shot. But I don't mind because like you were really because of you. I've started to watch more of Williams and you're right at sixty with ingle. He looks a lot more believable as a contender. And he is on a four to five. Fight win streak. This'll be a six fight. And like I said Dominic Angle plays a huge row. These guys look good when there were dominant kingdom not only physically but actually in the ring say how many Mongia got passed over. I I don't know if he wanted to fake moving up four and you you you had to. You should be able to go to one six anyway. I WANNA fight him and he already had a fight so I'm not sure to hymies team one five meters Andre Right now now. You're absolutely right one hundred percent. They didn't want that fight. They have so much plans for that kid and He's not gonNA play by any anybody's rules literally bodies rules. I think it also has to do with the fact that You know the High Mongia switched trainers is in this. Wasn't this his first fight. Rather with era records the second it was his first. I believe one or two her show. Maybe they did. And you know Andrea Dangerous. You know no one's going to deny that how dangerous I don't think we'll ever know until he gets in there with another elite level type of fighter but while he's challenging and defeating the Brian Rosen and stuff of the world will really never know but I think and hope at least Williams can give us some sort of the gauge. I think he'll be tough enough speaking of Williams and let me just double check but I believe I scheduled him. He wanted to come on a day. But we're totally booked today Which sucks because You know we're discussing his fights or would have been better to do it today but looks like we'll have him Tuesday Three o'clock so next week Tuesday not not too long. We'll be talking this topic once again with Liam Williams who was ordered by the WB L. to begin negotiations. Speaking of those negotiations. Let me just get out to that audio. Warren did add some things to say but really all facts. You have advised us. We're in negotiations at the moment for him to for android and that sounds like something happen fairly soon. We'll have that we're in negotiations. Could Fox go type place within the next of ninety to one hundred twenty three? So he's got to go ask science can win that. Let me tell you it can be android. I know he can he can be android. That was a phenomenal performance. He had lost and I agree with. Frank was a phenomenal performance but it was alarmed tests. Fox You know. I had a lot of hopes and dream in Fox. Because he's one of the guys I met early in. I've watched his entire career developed. So you know I wanted him to do good it was. Us versus UK but Liam rose to the occasion. I don't know that that fight gave us the clear indication that he could be Andre. The way the frank is suggesting though. Now they're certainly levels to Fox and Andre and I I don't know I just don't see it's not a fight that I don't think he can win. It's a fight. I don't think he will win. You know what I mean you know. He's a talented enough fighter. It's not about whether or not he's incredible pony because I don't want to make it seem like just because most people would go with Andrade in this situation which I don't even I'm not even saying that I am they might not but I don't know I guess people don't respect Booboo as much as I do. I I think Andrade fans respect him a little more than the outside public. You know what I mean. I think that He hasn't gotten his just do and yeah he hasn't you know he doesn't have that big fight to name but I don't know he's done all the right things. And there's been a lot of bad luck in his career but No He's talented fighter. I just don't see him having any issues In this fight I'm also on live with Mario. I know I said that is probably the best Opponent to face the meters Andrei but when you talk about the region man like I know people say many guys boring took forever to get a little killer Outta here. The guys talented guys. Skillful Guy got got got some good power so I know Leeann when using want this night. And he's GonNa come in and be a dog and be and be all over him but it's level to this boxing day man and a leading Williams is on the level of the meters. Andre even know the Liam's mill fights the first fight in the kind of controversy. I believe it was a here but in and went to the scorecards a second by with very very close if not like Liam Smith just white wisely Williams all right some facts obviously Liam Williams is the number seven in the WBO and the WB L. Have ordered a middleweight champion. Two Major Sandra to defend his title against Leon Williams. Now Eddie hearn. Promoter of UH dimitrius is looking to stage this fight in June in Providence Rhode Island the home of Dimitrius Andrei and it will be a main event on a design cart according to Michael Carpenter. I just WANNA say ED. He's been treating Andrea did fantastically. I may not be happy with the last five fights including this one right because he's at four fights already with them and this will be his fifth or was it five fights in. This'll be as six. I don't know but I'm not happy with any of the fights. They didn't give us any fight that I wanted. The only one that it's like okay was so lucky because it was a common opponent with some other elites show is showed where he was at but If I'm Andre I'm Su- over the moon with what he's doing for me hometown fights. I mean this is going to be his second. He was about to get Billie Joe in his hometown right. They're treating him really really good outside of getting him. That big marquee fight right. They can't get them that Big Marquee. Faisal's paying them. Well their main eventing him. I mean he was main event in Miami main event in his hometown bringing him back to his hometown. I mean I I wouldn't be mad if I'm Andrea if I'm Andrea Fan. I'm highly upset. Andrei Fan I mean if I'm android fan I mean. I don't even know how to spell to people's name on his resume in the last five fights Williams is the first guy that rolls off the tongue properly. Who the hell is he been fighting? And you're You're right by the nest. This is This is going to be the fourth fight. He's had three So it yeah listen. You're absolutely one hundred percent correct on. This eighty has treated very well. They've done exactly But here's the thing too though I think booze earned that You know he's had such a hard time throughout his career at one fifty four in his. Hbo Days had trouble getting opponent trouble getting dates. You know you'll see these big lulls in his In his career. And that's not even talking about the big one that he had There are other ones where there were time in between fights that it was a waste so he deserves to get treated. You know well. He deserves to I guess be given that kind of a side spotlight even though he really isn't among the elites in that division or really any division But he deserves his shot and I think he's going to get it to give it to him and once he does that. The their relationship comes full circle so You know that would be the best thing that both could accomplish and I think that's exactly what he wants to get him. Just saw budding in. This is actually going to be as fistfight. Not He's already had four. Walter and I know this is not how you pronounce it. But I'VE BEEN SAYING FOR YEARS. I can one day archer ACA Taw which is a k a wolverine and. I'm not even going to try to pronounce his first name but Celeski. Who's a common opponent with Daniel Jacobs and then Ireland's Luke Keillor? You know McGregor's little brother or you know whatever cousins of Sunday night. That something like that but as Andre Fan. I'm more I'm more just sitting back and a man is again San Andreas steady out. The top at one sixty Ben. Calling entrepreneur then then called out Jamaal Charles so it's not like the guys if it's sitting back and resting on his laurels and not saying that I wanNA fight. Anybody he's he he wants to fight. Everybody wants to get into running with the best time at the time. It just seems like he. Just get the short end of the stick. People are just treating them like you. Don't have a built. Sorta like Crawford no one fan and not give him the proper respect to unify so could not a good love. Couldn't Jamaal Charles man you guys are on notice and Mike? What Bell does W We're about this call for that. W.

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