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Okay. History majors. There's like painting graphics. Yeah. It was just it was only art. And that's what I wanted. Like, I told my parents I was like I'm not going to school unless it's a private art school. That was so crazy like if I could go back till your kid tells you that I I'm gonna laugh in their face. No. Regret this sit down. It's storytime film video. My first story time. No, if I could go back in time, I would not go to that school. I would I don't even know what I would do for school. If I went back. I guess I would just do like a community college. And then a university just get out of the way because that is the most financially smart. Oh, I would probably go to NYU over. Sure. Yeah. But then you talk about it all the time. Yeah. That's it. If I could go back in time and do something different about school. I would just make sure I got all my classes. Right. So I didn't have to do community college for three years ago. Smart. Yep. Oh my God. Transferring your transcripts is the going to the what is it called missions office. There's another word. That's I hate that. Don't know what it is. But I hate it. And yet no one cared about your transcript. Hard about you know, and cared about you God forbid, but I had a friend who had worked in there like as they're like college job. They worked in the admissions office, and you know, the stock of front of the line passes. No. So like in the beginning a couple of weeks of school. The lines are always like two hours long to get to talk to admissions for transcripts or whatever transferring credits or however it works, but if you'd waited two hours, and they're like, oh, you don't have the right form. Come back tomorrow. Here's a frontal line past. You don't have to do this all again, my buddy worked there and stole some of those passes. So I had like five of them just got news. And that was like the best part of my college experience will was skipping line. Yeah. Best part of my college experience was discovering glee glee Queen. I love glee I loved glee just got put my place by bleak. I that was the first year that the show came out, and I would. Go out of my dorm, the aired it I think like seven or eight or something like that. And there's only a couple of other people in the entire school that liked the show, and so we would own it was not a collective friend thing. We just ended up weirdly being loners in the same space in because we didn't have TV's in our dorm or anything like that. Is that normal to not have TV in your dorm? I never lived in the dorms, right? I do most people bring TV's though. Okay. We did not have that. And so I went to the I guess it's a rec room kind of. But just for like had a couple of couches and a TV and we would watch glee, and I would countdown until like glee day it was like Tuesday or Thursday or something like that. And I would just get really excited that was like the best part of my college. This is like I nev-. I feel like it's rare. When I find something out about you around each other so often, but I'm like, I'm taken aback by this information. It's so interesting thin was my background for a while. He was like singing in the shower, and it's by phone background who's Finn. He was the main lead so Lee Michelle's love interest. It was so it's such a good show. I started to get bad because it was on for so long. But some of the songs. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. The. The reason I know a lot of songs is because of glee like I've never seen wicked. But I know defying gravity because we Michelle saying it with a Christian with show..

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