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I'm very long been i would back the do they bids the roads yeah i dressed up purposely like an insane janet kelly takeover to make sure the drive of his excellent teerasak radio seven i don't like clapper wang kabc is now a clearer poor he does aren't enough reasons to listen paolo about five hundred became the dc lewis a cumulus station wang kabc news live and local at three o'clock i'm geoff whittle republican leaders now hoping to repeal obama care now and replace it later but correspondent ryan noble says that proposal doesn't have enough votes to pass either once you had three senators that was enough to make this bill dead on arrival because the margins are are so tie in the senate they had to have at least fifty they push this bill forward republicans lisa murkowski of alaska shelley moore capito of west virginia and susan collins of maine also today they bowed against they repeal only bill but senate leaders still hoping to change their minds we learned today that the eighth person who attended lives shares meeting between donald trump jr jared kushner a russian lawyer and others lives in orange county is a dental fighters i kabaladze who was born in the former soviet republic of georgia but now lives in huntington beach corespondent jessica schneider reports have alonzo is the senior vice president of the coconspirator that's the real estate development firm run by emin aga lara of and his father arise and his lawyer confirms they have a lot was in fact in the room at trump tower for that meeting in june 2016 of deputies are searching for a suspect wanted on a warrant in the duarte area so they've set up a perimeter around the twenty three hundred block of california avenue according to sheriff's officials swat teams also responding any details about that warrant have not yet been released the la county board of supervisors certified the environmental impact reports for too much debated developments mission village in landmark village in the new hall ranch area that clears away for the construction of nearly fifty five hundred new homes and apartments and two and a half million square feet of retail and office space environmentalists concerned about greenhouse gas emissions and potential harm to a native species of fish took their fight against the project of the california supreme court which rejected parts of the environmental impact reports in 2015 that prompted the developer to draft a plan that would offset one hundred percent of the.

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